"Speech & debate sharpen students' ability to think and listen critically and to articulate their thoughts confidently and persuasively."
-Suzanne, DFW Speech & Debate

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iSpeak competitions provide you with the opportunity to showcase your presentation skills.

iSpeak is open to University of Windsor and English Language Improvement (ELIP) level 3 students.  

Which style is for you?

Turn Coat (Self-debate) - Demonstrate your ability to present and transition between ideas in favour of and against a given topic.

  • Participants receive a topic on the spot
  • 5 minute preparation time
  • 1 minute to present ideas in favour; 1 minute to present ideas against

Elocution - Demonstrate your ability to critically present arguments about a social issue.

  • Participants receive a topic 5 days prior to competition date
  • 5 minutes total speaking time

Discourse - This category combines both Turn Coat and Elocution components and adds another requirement of successfully answering questions from the panel of judges.

  • Round 1: Participants recieve a topic on the spot (Turn Coat)
    • A certain number of participants qualify for Round 2 (qualification numbers based on total number of participants)
  • Round 2: Participants receive a social issue (Elocution) (topic is given on the spot; 5 minute preparation time; 3 minutes total speaking time)
  • Round 3: Participants respond to judges' questions based on Elocution presentation

iSpeak will return in Fall 2018.

Contact us for more information on judging criteria, competition dates, registration, and more.

2018 Winners

iSpeak Winter 2018 Winners

Tahir Chowdhry (1st place), Soham Mitra (2nd place) & Gopal Kotwal (3rd place)