Certificate Programs in FAHSS

The Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (FAHSS) offers a huge range of interdisciplinary programs, minors, and certificates. Below you will find a list of interdisciplinary certificate program options offered across our Faculty. For academic advising regarding one of these programs, please contact the relevant department or school directly.


Welcome to Anthrozoology! Are you interested in learning more about the significance of animals in our lives?  The University of Windsor is the only university in Canada offering programs in human-animal interactions! If you’re interested in studying Anthrozoology, you can now get a certificate (8 courses) or a minor (6 courses), in addition to your major.  

Visit the website for program details:  www.uwindsor.ca/anthrozoology/

Arts Management

The Certificate in Arts Management is designed to give students an introduction to the management of arts organizations while providing these groups the opportunity to begin the training of their next generation of executives.

Courses have been chosen to address the required skills of financial management, marketing and publicity, fund-raising, board and volunteer management, management and supervision, computer applications and disciplinary structures. It also includes two internships with arts organizations.

As an Arts Management student, you may focus studies on music, theatre, visual arts, or you can choose a general approach by taking courses in all three areas.

Visit the webpage for program details:  www.uwindsor.ca/drama/462/certificate-arts-management

Border Management and International Trade

The Cross-Border Institute (CBI) at the University of Windsor offers a program in international trade, border management, cross-border logistics and security that can lead program graduates to the professional designation of Certified International Trade Professional (CITP).

The Border Management and International Trade Certificate program, offered in partnership with the Forum for International Trade Training (FITT), is an eight-course program that is offered by the CBI on a continuous four-week cycle, one at a time, Friday evenings from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in order to accommodate working professionals and students currently studying in complementary disciplines.

Visit the webpage for program details:  www.uwindsor.ca/publicaffairs/2015-01-15/cross-border-institute-offer-new-program-international-border-management-and-trade

A complete list of Certificate programs are found here:  learn.uwindsor.ca/program-listing#Certificate

Law and Politics

The Law and Politics Certificate is constructed to provide students with an academically rigorous set of courses that foster the skill sets demanded by law schools, and to provide students with an introduction to the ways in which legal studies intersect with political science, philosophy, history, women’s studies and social justice. This certificate can be completed in conjunction with a Political Science degree or any major within the Faculty of Arts and Social Science or the wider university, and will be of interest to any student intending to pursue a career in law. 

Visit the webpage for program details:  www.uwindsor.ca/political-science/347/certificate-law-and-politics

North American Studies

A list of certificate programs offered by FAHSS along with a link to the undergraduate calendar listing the courses required for this certificate is available here:  learn.uwindsor.ca/program-listing#Certificate

Public Administration

The Certificate in Public Administration is a non-degree program offered by the Department of Political Science, which recognizes a concentration of learning within the discipline. The course requirements for the Certificate program may be completed independently of a degree program. Students currently enrolled in a degree program can, through careful course selection, simultaneously complete the Certificate requirements.

Visit the webpage for certificate program details:  www.uwindsor.ca/political-science/346/certificate-public-administration


Women’s and Gender Studies

A Certificate or Minor in Women's and Gender Studies could be the extra boost you need in the workplace.

Visit the webpage for certificate program details:  www.uwindsor.ca/wgst/CoursesAndPrograms#SWWS