Measuring Experiential Learning

Courses are being tracked in collaboration with Career Development and Experiential Learning. You can report experiential learning initiatives by:

*If you have multiple classes that could be tracked in a block, please feel free to fill out the Qualtrics form and then send an email to with the variations and similar courses to Tim Brunet so that they can be quickly entered into the form.

How will experiential learning will be assessed for various processes?  Here are some helpful localized UWindsor resources:

Targeting Departmental and Institutional Level Outcomes

Experiential Learning initiatives at the University of Georgia ensures that every graduate has at least one experiential learning opportunity prior to graduation.

Some initiatives that your department could do to facilitate this include:

  • Include one mandatory course for all programs that includes an experiential learning component as defined by the various accountability frameworks (see above).
  • Include experiential learning language in course descriptions, the academic calendar, learning outcomes, and Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Level Expectations.
  • Have information about Experiential Learning Information readily available for students, faculty advisers, and staff.