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Fall 2021 -- Answers to your top questions

Hello FAHSS Students!

Fall 2021 classes begin Thursday, September 9, 2021.  Whether you are starting your academic adventure at UWindsor or returning to continue your academic studies, there may be questions you have about what to expect during Fall 2021 given the primarily online learning environment. We hope the following will provide some answers.
Courses and final exams are being offered primarily in an online format for but there may be some courses that are offered in the traditional in-person or face-to-face format.
Online Courses:
If all your courses are online, you will not need to come to campus during the Fall 2021 semester.

Online courses are delivered through the Blackboard Learning platform. To access your courses on Blackboard, you will need to sign into Blackboard [weblink] ( using your UWin ID and Password. Your UWinID and Password spans across university platforms and should be what was sent to you to access UWinsite Student.

Once you are signed on to Blackboard, you should see a list of courses that correspond to the courses you have enrolled in. All Blackboard course sites should be available by the start of the semester. Click on a course to view its content.

Online courses may be synchronous (you will access course content and materials at the same time as other learners enrolled in the course), asynchronous (you will access course content and materials on your own), or blended (a mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning). It is recommended that you review the course syllabus for each class to determine whether the class will be synchronous, asynchronous, or blended and what procedures or tools may be in place to assist in the online learning process throughout the term.

When you registered for courses, any courses that will be delivered face-to-face will be identified.

If you are enrolled in a face-to-face or in-person course, you will report to the location on the days and times for the class indicated. Please note that effective July 27, 2020, all individuals are required to wear a mask or face covering when entering and exiting all campus buildings and in common spaces where physical distancing may be difficult (entrances, exits, hallways, stairwells, lounges, washrooms and elevators).

Students with accessibility needs should continue to work with their Accessibility Advisors to determine appropriate accommodations.  Students are required to register each term with their Advisor.  Accommodation letters will continue to be prepared for students to send to their instructors.  Although exams will not be written on campus, Advisors will be available to discuss options with instructors.

For more information: [weblink]


Currently, all students are asked to use the online tool to report illnesses.  To report illness:

  1. Sign in to UWinsite Student
  2. On your Student Homepage, click the Alternate Grade/Illness Notice tile
  3. Select the Fall 2021 semester
  4. Click the Report Illness button next to the relevant course
  5. From here, follow the instructions on the screen

This interface will communicate to your department that you are unable to complete an assignment or take an exam for the identified course, and your department will pass that information on to the instructor.

Currently, you only need to use the interface to self-report.  You will not need to submit a medical note to indicate an illness of any kind.  The process of establishing accommodations will be managed by instructors as is the normal procedure.

To ensure the health and safety of our campus community during the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Windsor is currently still operating on an essential-services only model.  This means that campus buildings are closed, but the University continues to operate with some employees working on campus and others working remotely.  Even though the faculty and staff that support your learning are not physically on campus, they are committed to your success and are available to you remotely.

Timelines for the phased reopening of campus buildings, such as the Leddy Library, the St. Denis Centre, and the CAW Student Centre, will be based on provincial requirements, local health unit guidelines, and physical distancing protocols. 

Note that residences are open.  For more information about residence and residence life, see: [weblink]  Residence for Winter 2021… “Quick Facts”

Although many physical spaces on campus are not yet available, UWindsor continues to offer a variety of services to support your student journey.  Click [weblink] Supporting Your Student Journey to access links to student support services. 

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed during the term, the [weblink]  Wellness Outreach Office and the [weblink]  Wellbeing Portal provide information and resources relating to managing and optimizing your overall wellbeing.


Got questions? Check out [weblink]  ask.UWindsor!  

The Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (FAHSS) is committed to providing an exceptional learning experience for its students during these challenging times.  Together we will make 2021 FAHSSome!
Updated: June 4, 2021.