FAQ: There are extenuating circumstances that make it difficult for me to complete all requirements in a course. What are my options?

If you wish to receive consideration on matters affecting your academic performance based on medical, compassionate, or extenuating circumstances, you should communicate with your course instructor(s) as soon as possible.  In such cases, an instructor may choose to handle the matter informally.

If an instructor does not choose to handle the matter informally, you may make a formal request for consideration based on medical, compassionate or extenuating circumstances.  This request is made through UWinsite Student (Grade Appeal - Medical/Compassionate) and should be accompanied by a letter of rationale, along with supporting documents (such as a medical note). A copy of a medical note can be found on Academic Forms

In the case of an informal or formal request, the instructor may grant an "aegrotat" grade on the basis of term work completed or may assign an “incomplete” grade indicating what further work is required and the deadline by which such work must be completed. In general, an instructor will not consider "aegrotat" unless the student has completed at least 60% of the requirements in the course. If you have not yet completed 60% of the course requirements, it is recommended that you speak with the individual course instructor and discuss alternative options for completing the course.

Please note that in cases where a formal request for Aegrotat Standing is approved, the AEG notation will be recorded on your transcript without a corresponding percentage grade.