FAQ: I received notice that I am Required to Withdraw. Now what?

Students who are not making progress in their studies may be asked to withdraw from the University. Not making progress refers to a student who's been on Academic Probation for at least two semesters, and has not met the average requirements for their program. Refer to Senate Policy on Standing Required for Continuation in FAHSS programs.

Students who are RTW (Required to Withdraw) for the first time will be required to withdraw for a period of one year. They can apply for re-admission after one year. Re-admission is not automatic. Students who are RTW for the second time will not be allow to re-apply for re-admission. Refer to Senate Policy on Academic Standing Status and Progression Requirements. 

Students in FAHSS who are in their first year of study and who are Required to Withdraw may be eligible for Fresh Start. The Fresh Start program is an alternative to withdrawing that provides ongoing academic advising and support and workshops to develop stronger study skills and strategies.