FAQ: My instructor has accused me of academic misconduct. What should I do?

Instructors are required through University policy to report all suspected incidents of academic misconduct, which may include plagiarism and cheating

The following steps are taken in cases where Academic Misconduct is suspected:

  • Instructor assigns a final grade of Incomplete; please note that the instructor should not assign a grade of 0 (zero) as penalty for the suspected misconduct;
  • Instructor completes the documentation for Academic Misconduct and forwards this to the Head of the Department;
  • The Head reviews the documentation and forwards it to the Associate Dean’s Office;
  • Associate Dean reviews the complaint and applies an appropriate sanction, if deemed necessary

If accused of Academic Misconduct, you may be invited to meet with the Instructor and/or with the Department Head and will be invited to meet with the Associate Dean. You may wish to have a support person with you for these meetings.