FAQ: Who can I ask about my program requirements?

Departmental Academic Advisors

To review program requirements, you should make an appointment to speak to an Academic Advisor in your home department. Academic Advisors can assist you in understanding the requirements of your degree program, help make sense of your Advisement Report and can also guide you in choosing the right courses to fulfill these requirements. 

A list of all FAHSS Departmental Academic Advisor can be found here.

Central Academic Advising Centre

Advisors at the Central Academic Advising Centre can also assist with developing your degree and education plans by helping you to review your academic progress and to understand your Degree Audit.

Advisors at the Central Academic Advising Centre will further assist students with:

  • Choosing or changing program or major
  • Understanding degree audit and degree requirements
  • Understanding academic regulations and procedures
  • Adding, dropping or withdrawing from a course
  • Developing a plan to deal with academic difficulties
  • Reviewing academic progress
  • Referral to other relevant campus services

Academic Advisement Report (AAR)

You may also obtain an Academic Advisement Report via UWinsite Student by clicking on the Academic Progress tile.  This report will provide you with information about your degree program requirements, tell you what requirements you have fulfilled to date, and tell you what requirements still need to be completed.

It is recommended that you regularly review your Advisement Report as well as your transcript to keep track of your academic progress.