FAQ: How do I register for courses?

All students register for classes through UWinsite Student.

You can add or drop courses through UWinsite Student up until the 10th day of classes for Fall and Winter terms and up until the 5th day of classes for Intersession and Summer Session. You do not require, except in some circumstances, instructors’ approval to add or drop a course.

If you are unable to register for a course via UWinsite Student, this may mean that you have not met certain requirements necessary. Some courses have prerequisites that must be completed, some courses are restricted to certain students, and some courses may require that you have reached a certain status or standing.

These requirements must be completed before you are able to register for the course. However, in certain circumstances, you may be able to register for the course with the permission of the instructor.  You should make an appointment with the instructor and discuss with her/him the possibility of taking the course, even though certain requirements have not been met. The instructor has the discretion to grant you Class Permission, allowing you to register. Please keep in mind, however, that instructors are not required to grant permission to students to add a course that is full or where the student requesting to be signed in has not met the necessary requirements.

Circumstances that involve late adds, time conflicts, overload, or audit require the completion of the Course Add Form. The Course Add Form can be found on Academic Forms

If you decide to drop a course after the initial 10-day period at the beginning of the semester, you must do so before the Voluntary Withdrawal deadline date, which is usually at the beginning of November for the Fall term and the beginning of March for the Winter term.