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FAHSS offers many curricular experiential learning opportunities. Click on your program to learn more!

The Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences offers the most popular programs on campus. We offer students the opportunity to spread their wings by integrating our curriculum with community partners, and employers locally and beyond. Some of our Experiential Learning opportunities include:

  • Paid and Volunteer Internships (for select programs)
  • Research Projects
  • Service Learning Projects
  • Capstone courses
  • Practicums
  • Ignite Program
  • Several Co-curricular activities (Please note that not all co-curricular activities in FAHSS are currently listed as an opportunity for the Co-Curricular Record).

You can explore your career development and Experiential Learning opportunities with us! 

Curricular Experiential Learning Opportunities 

Aeronautics Leadership Program

Our Aeronautics Leadership Program offers advanced level facilities and all of the hours you need to achieve your goals to become a pilot through our industry partner Journey Air.

Journey Air’s Professional Pilot Training Program is designed to provide a student, with little or no experience, the knowledge and training required to become a licensed commercial pilot with a multi-engine instrument rating, within the first three years of study.

Aeronautics leadership students have 24/7 access Journey Air’s newly upgraded facilities, which include flight simulators, training areas, aircraft, lounges, classrooms, briefing rooms, and a maintenance hangar.

See our program guide for more information.


You love animals and want to know more about how humans and animals interact.  You can achieve a minor or a certificate in Anthrozoology and we also offer a capstone course where you can work with your professor to design your own unique learning experience.

  • ANZO-4980. Anthrozoology Capstone

Arts & Science

If you have a love for learning, you will love to see the world from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. Students in the Arts and Sciences excel in many academic areas.  In your final year, you will have the opportunity to complet your own research project.

  • ARSC-4990. Research Project 

Certificate in Arts Management

Our certificate in Arts Management provides students the opportunity to get an introduction to the management of arts organizations.  This includes taking courses in Business, and completing two internships.  We offer streams directed at students interested in Drama, Music and Visual Arts.

  • DRAM-3980. Internship I: Arts Management Certificate 
  • DRAM-3990. Internship II: Arts Management Certificate. 

Disability Studies

Disabilities Studies provides students with the knowledge and experience-based practice they can use to advocate for:

  • Social justice,
  • Anti-oppressive needs, and
  • Accessibility for people with disabilities.

Through course work and community experience placements in disabilities settings, students learn advocacy skills to prepare for work in academic, health, social service and government organizations. We have courses that provide our students with opportunities to hone their advocacy skills.

Liberal Arts and Professional Studies

The Liberal Arts and Professional Studies program allows students to explore several different academic programs, have a flexible degree and acquire career-related course work.

LAPS students can select from any one of the following certificates:

  • Anthrozoology (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • Applied Information Technology (School of Computer Science)
  • Arts Management (School of Dramatic Art)
  • Law and Politics (Department of Political Science)
  • Public Administration (Department of Political Science)
  • Organizational Management (Odette School of Business)
  • Second Language Education (Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures) 
  • Women's and Gender Studies (School of Social Work) 
  • Work and Employment Issues (School of Social Work)

To learn more about the LAPS website.

Master of Fine Arts

Both the MFA in Visual Arts and the MFA in Media Arts focus on the studio and providing you with the opportunity to master your craft.

The Communication, Media. and Film Program offers internship courses for students who would like to obtain on-the-job skills in their area of specialization.

Learn more about our internship programs in Communication, Media and Film.

Courses with Experiential Learning

CMAF-2100. Speech Communication to inform
CMAF-2130. Podcasting and Internet Media
CMAF-2210. The Art of Photo-Blogging
CMAF-3640. Media, Technology and the Environment
CMAF-4010. Advanced Topics in New Media and Digital Culture
CMAF-4350. Theory Senior Project II: Writing and Presentation 

In the creative arts sharing your talents is as important as mastering them. We offer several courses that put you on stage, in the community and in the hearts of audiences. Learn more about our creative arts opportunities and internships below:

Media Art and Culture 

  • MACS-2850/VSAR-2850. Learning by Living in an International Urban Setting 
  • MACS-4000. Directed Individual Studies 



  • MUSC-4320. New Music Workshop 
  • MUSC-4910. Graduation Project 


Visual Art 

  • VSAR-3650. Independent Studio 
  • VSAR-3710. Art in Public Space 
  • VSAR-3800. Visual Art Internship 
  • VSAR-3850. Green Corridor 
  • VSAR-4810. Studio Practice II 


Visual Art and the Built Environment 


  • VABE-3200. Architectural Design 6

Whether your rehearsing, performing or mastering your craft, you will have an opportunity to work with professionals and amateurs alike. Explore some of our courses, performance opportunities, and spaces.

  • University Players
  • Performance Opportunities
  • Facilities
  • Courses

Courses with Experiential Learning 

  • DRAM-2150 Lighting Design
  • DRAM-1000 Nature of Theatre I
  • DRAM-3240 Performing Shakespeare
  • DRAM-2440 Directing I
  • DRAM-3710 Literacy in Action
  • DRAM-2500 Stage Managers
  • DRAM-4200 Graduation RecitalDRAM-4530 - 4580 Directed Studies in Performance
  • DRAM-4520 Directed Studies in Production
  • DRAM-1280. Improvisation and Introduction to Acting for the Theatre I 
  • DRAM-1290.Improvisation and Introduction to Acting for the Theatre II 
  • DRAM-2210.Voice for the Actor IV
  • DRAM-2230.Acting for the Theatre I
  • DRAM-2240. Acting for the Theatre II
  • DRAM-2250. Introductory Acting I
  • DRAM-2260.Movement for the Actor III
  • DRAM-2270.Movement for the Actor IV
  • DRAM-2350. Introductory Acting II
  • DRAM-2500. Stage Makeup
  • DRAM-2600. Drama in the Classroom: Principles and Theories
  • DRAM-2610. Drama in the Classroom: Applications I
  • DRAM-2670. Applied Theatre
  • DRAM-3170. Costume Design II
  • DRAM-3210. Acting-Work in Progress I
  • DRAM-3220. Acting-Work in Progress II
  • DRAM-3230. Acting-Work in Progress III
  • DRAM-3240. Performing Shakespeare
  • DRAM-3250. Intermediate Acting III
  • DRAM-3260. Voice and Movement for the Actor I
  • DRAM-3270. Voice and Movement for the Actor II
  • DRAM-3510. Production Problems
  • DRAM-3520. Production Problems 
  • DRAM-3530. Production Problems: Stage Management
  • DRAM-3600. Drama in the Classroom: Applications II
  • DRAM-3780. Theatre for Social Action
  • DRAM-3840. Creative Movement and Voice II
  • DRAM-3980. Internship I: Arts Management Certificate
  • DRAM-3990. Internship II: Arts Management Certificate
  • DRAM-4210. Television Performance
  • DRAM-4290. Character Study
  • DRAM-4390. Directed Studies in History, Theory, or Theatre Administration 
  • DRAM-4490. Directed Studies in Direction
  • DRAM-4510. Advanced Shakespeare Performance
  • DRAM-4700. Theatre for Young Audiences
  • DRAM-4710. Drama and Community: Applications
  • DRAM-4790. Directed Studies in Drama in Education and Community

Writing, it is what you do. Learn about all of the many opportunities to sharpen your craft in the English Department:

  • ENGL-4002. Writing Practicum 
  • ENGL-4003. Editing Practicum 
  • ENGL-4004. Publishing Practicum 
  • ENGL-4710. Creative Writing III

As a part of the Department of History, you will have an opportunity to engage and apply your knowledge to many places. From museums, historical societies heritage to social media, you will be able to see your curriculum in action. 

  • HIST-3020. History Workshop
  • HIST-4810. Public History Practicum 
  • HIST-4820. Making Historical Documentaries
  • HIST-4990. Research Capstone Thesis 

The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures offers many opportunities to gain experiences on campus and abroad. 


  • GRST-4020. Practicum in Classical Archaeology 
  • INCS-3570. Directed Studies Abroad I 
  • INCS-3580. Directed Studies Abroad II 
  • INCS-4200. Second Language Education Practicum 
  • INCS-4990. Internship in Intercultural Studies

You want a career related to politics. In our department, you will have the opportunity to build your network before you graduate. See the many opportunities that you can find in our courses and beyond:

  • POLS-2015. From University to Work 
  • POLS-3990. Practicum in Government and Politics 
  • POLS-4920. Public Service Management Internship Practicum 
  • POLS-4970. Political Science 1: Research Design
  • POLS-4980. Political Science Thesis 2: Writing and Presentation 


The Department of Political Science also offers the EU Study Abroad Program and Student Mentorship Program

There are many ways to get involved as a Psychology student.  From working/volunteering with community partners to on-campus engagement you will a lot of opportunity to become known and meet key contacts throughout your undergraduate degree:

Courses with Experiential Learning

The profession of Social Work has rigorous requirements for Experiential Education. Students are required to complete field education courses and a minimum of 700 hours in supervised field practice in a human service organization or community setting.  

As a Sociology, Anthropology or Criminology student you have the opportunity to be involved on campus through student clubs, experiential learning opportunities and more.

Women's and Gender Studies in the School of Social Work offers the following experiential learning courses: 


Co-curricular Experiential Learning Opportunities 

The Bystander Initiative is a UWindsor initiative to end sexual violence.  

Job search, interviews, résumés and career exploration are all critical skills for your future.  No matter what program you are in, our Career Development Office is ready to help you build a brilliant future.  

Do you want to learn how to open your own business? You can sign up to one of several EPICentre programs to learn more about this exciting career possibility and get the support and resources you need to explore owning your own business!

The University of Windsor has developed a broad range of student exchange partnerships with other universities and post-secondary institutions around the world. Currently, we have a variety of programs in a variety of countries, involving many different partner institutions, including every continent except Antarctica. Students who participate in one of these exchanges invariably report that it is the single most valuable part of their university experience.

Ignite is the University of Windsor’s Work Study program and funds part-time jobs on campus for students. Positions offer an opportunity for both financial benefits and skills development. The program is coordinated by Career Development & Experiential Learning.

Job shadowing is when a host (an employer, alumni, professional, etc.) hosts 1 or 2 students to shadow (observe) them at work in order for students to gain a better understanding of career opportunities, the work environment, and the industry.  This term (Fall 2021), this experience will all be done online, whether the host is working remotely or not.

During job shadowing, students are not meant to do any work that contributes to the success of the company/organization, but rather learn about the work and skills related to the field.  

Students will participate in virtual informational interviews and have one other virtual learning experience (such as a meeting with another employee, a walkthrough of a work sample or example, a virtual tour of the organization, participate in a virtual meeting, have a mock interview with HR, etc.).

To learn more, please visit the Office of Career Development and Experiential Learning.

Demonstrate your capacity to be engaged with your community, including your sense of leadership, engagement, application, and discovery in our FAHSS LEAD Scholars program.  Sign up and participate today to start earning your LEAD Scholars medallion at convocation!

Ontario Universities International maintains partnerships with universities in Jiangsu province (China), in the region of Rhône-Alpes (France), in the state of Baden-Württemberg (Germany), and in the states of Maharashtra, Goa and the New Delhi Region (India). OUI works to assist students across Ontario with short-stay to one-year exchanges from virtually every academic program offered in Ontario universities. Learn more about the many exciting opportunities offered by OUI.

Do you have a strong GPA? Do you love to do research? Do you want to work and be mentored by a professor in your academic discipline? Learn more about what it takes to be part of our Outstanding Scholars Program!

The University of Windsor offers three levels of student government including the University of Windsor Student Alliance (UWSA - for Undergraduate Students), Graduate Student Society (GSA) and the Organization of Part-time University Students (OPUS). You can join clubs, societies, participate in student-run events or become elected as a student representative.  

VIP students work with local community partners to have an impact on their community while gaining skills and experience for their future careers. In addition to serving a minimum of 40 community hours, students will also complete professional development activities. This opportunity will take place during a single semester and is co-curricular (in addition to academic courses).

Students are matched with and will complete placemetn hours at an off-campus, non-profit organization of their choosing. Our community partners may have placements that are open to any studenot will choose which degree programs are most relevant to the positions they wish to fill. The variety of positions depends on the community’s specific needs for the term.

Learn more about the VIP - Community Service Learning program.