Humanities and Culture

Humanities and Culture offers students an opportunity to explore the past and present, while critically think about improving the future through the languages, literatures, cultures, and "big ideas." The Humanities and Culture are comprised of the Departments of English and Creative WritingLanguages, Literatures, and Cultures, and Philosophy

Programs in the Humanities and Culture include: 

Immerse yourself in studying English from early oral traditions to contemporary writing from around the world and meet visiting writers and academics. You will be in many small classes exclusive to English majors and will receive the attention you need to thrive. The world needs smart thinkers and writers. Become one of them.

Learn more about our English program here.

Learn the skills of writing, editing, and publishing in this unique program that combines rigorous academics with practical experience. The creative writing component begins in second year and with courses capped at 20 students, which guarantees lots attention and feedback on your work. Peer editing and a publishing practicum offer valuable hands-on experience

Learn more about our English and Creative Writing program here.

Learn how to know about, appreciate, and teach English literature with this program that gives you two degrees at once. You’ll meet visiting writers and develop both in-depth academic and real-world skills. You will be eligible to teach at the intermediate/senior level (grades 7-12).

Learn more about our Concurrent Education with English program here.

Get a leg up on the competition for careers in the federal or provincial civil service, among other jobs, by mastering this official language. Our faculty come from around the world, infusing the program with an international flavour. We keep class sizes small, guaranteeing you lots of one-on-one attention.

Learn more about our French Studies program here.

Terminez deux baccalauréats en même temps. You’ll learn from French professors from around the world in a program with small class sizes. The theory-practice connection is strong in the education portion of your program. You’ll gain the practical experience you need to be eligible to teach in grades 7 to 12.

Learn more about our Concurrent Education with French Studies here.

We bring ancient history to life in a program that would make Indiana Jones jealous. Travel to Greece to take part in an archeological dig, visiting famous landmarks and experiencing history first hand. You’ll learn about every aspect of Greco-Roman antiquity — language, literature, art, architecture, philosophy, politics, science, medicine, myth and religion — in a close-knit department with professors who care about your success.

Learn more about our Greek and Roman Studies program here.

Study Spanish, Italian, or German and see the world! Students in this program spend a year abroad, allowing you to perfect the language while being immersed in its culture. Classes in this program are small and intimate. Study abroad is a transformative experience. You’ll become a better you.

Learn more about our Modern Languages program here.

Earn a BA and a certificate in Second Language Education at the same time. Choose to learn German, Italian or Spanish, and learn to teach it, too. You will learn language acquisition methodologies, observe how professionals teach language and get the opportunity to practise teaching. You can even go on exchange. Class sizes are small, so you’ll get lots of one-on-one attention.

Learn more about our Modern Languages program here.

This program is like a buy-one-get-one-free sale on languages. You get to specialize in two languages—Spanish, Italian, or German. Class sizes are small, guaranteeing you lots of one-on-one attention. You’ll get the chance to study abroad, too, if you choose. Being multilingual is a huge asset in whatever career field you pursue.

Learn more about our Modern Languages program here.

Become fluent in teaching newcomers to Canada with this unique program. You’ll take three years in the modern languages program and two years in education. You’ll earn two degrees at once, customizing your program to your interests. You will be eligible to teach JK to Grade 6.

Learn more about our Concurrent Education with Modern Languages program.

Examine humanities most challenging questions in this internationally renowned program known for its courses in political thought and argumentation theory. Philosophy gives you a broad vision of the world and the ability to make intelligent decisions, laying the foundation for a variety of careers. You can study philosophy exclusively, or combine it with another discipline. Classes are small and full of opportunities to discuss today’s most pressing topics such as artificial intelligence, feminism, the environment and politics.

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