Social Sciences and Professional Studies

Interested in learning about societies, humans behaviours or power? If so, the Social Sciences and Professional Studies pillar is for you. As a social scientist, you can learn how people interact with one another or how societies shape human behaviours. You can also become a licensed pilot through our Aeronautics program or a licensed Social Worker through our accredited Social Work program. The possibilities are endless! 

The Social Sciences and Professional Studies are comprised of the Departments of Communication, Media, and Film, HistoryPolitical Science, Psychology, Social Work and Sociology and Criminology

Programs that are offered in the Social Sciences and Professional Studies include: 

Spread your wings and fly! Take advantage of the growing demand for pilots to serve as leaders in aviation and aerospace. Your academic education is coupled with flight training, run by our industry partner, Journey Air, at the Windsor International Airport. We’ll put you in a plane in your first week of school.

Learn more about our Aeronautics Leadership program here.

Learn what makes kids tick in this three-year General program focusing on child and adolescent development. Start your program with an Introduction to Psychology course for psych majors only, where you get to work in small groups led by mentors to help you along. You can do research and community placements throughout your undergraduate years.

Learn more about our Child Psychology program here.

Get the best of both worlds with this “hybrid” program that offers a combination of theory and production courses. You’ll be able to pursue what interests you – theory courses in media studies, hands-on courses in film production, as well as courses on social media, PR, and advertising. 

Learn more about our Communication, Media and Film program here.

Earn two degrees at once and go on to share your love of communication, media and film with a younger generation. You’ll be able to take a combination of theory and production courses in CMF and get lots of hands-on learning opportunities in your education studies. At the end, you’ll be eligible to teach students in grades 7 to 12.

Learn more about our Concurrent Education with Communication, Media and Film here.

Do justice to your future career by studying criminology at UWindsor. Class sizes are small and there are lots of them to choose from, giving you the flexibility to tailor your degree to your interests. We also offer practicums with government and community agencies, leading to jobs for graduates.

Learn more about our Criminology program here.

Our developmental psychology program offers so much that is unique. Start your program with an Introduction to Psychology course for psych majors only, where you get to work in small groups led by mentors to help you along. Later, you will have opportunities for undergraduate research and community placements where you can put what you’ve learned in the classroom into practice. Work with children, adolescents, adults or seniors and choose a career path that matches your interests.

Learn more about our Developmental Psychology program here.

Become an advocate for accessibility and social justice. The material taught in this program is derived from people with disabilities and their lived experiences. The knowledge you gain is grounded in the real world and we enhance the theory you learn with practice. The placements and volunteer opportunities offered through this program add value to your degree.

Learn more about our Disability Studies program here.

Families are dynamic. Gain theoretical and practical insights into the changes that affect families, and the social responses to those changes. This program explores child studies, sexuality and sexual health, family history and change, marriage dynamics, and gender issues. It combines courses from a variety of disciplines, including sociology, psychology, social work, history and women’s and gender studies.

Learn more about our Family and Social Relations program here.

Be versatile! In our history program, you will develop your research and writing skills. Lots of careers are based on that. We offer public history courses relating to how people interact with the past — think museums, documentaries, walking tours and history websites — with an emphasis on digital history, and practicums for hands-on experience.

Learn more about our History program here.

Become a history teacher to help students examine past events and how they relate to present day. Our history department is small and close-knit, and our faculty of education will nurture your love of teaching by giving you lots of practical experience. With your two degrees, you’ll be eligible to teach grades 7 to 12.

Learn more about our Concurrent Education with History program here.

If high achievement and diverse academic pursuits are in your DNA, this elite program is for you. It’s for students who want to develop knowledge and skills in the sciences, arts, humanities and social sciences. Blend your interests – drama with biomedical sciences or biochemistry with music. You can tailor your program to match your interests and career aspirations. Our students can pursue diverse career opportunities or go on to do research or graduate degrees in their field. This program is small by design to give your talents the attention they deserve.

Learn more about our Interdisciplinary Arts and Science program here.

Parlez-vous français? Get an edge over the competition for jobs in federal public service, with non-governmental organizations and in the private sector requiring knowledge of French and francophone culture. You’ll take French language courses as well as political science courses taught in French. Study in France or Ottawa and have the option of taking the EU Study Abroad course. Do research with professors in a faculty that cares about your success.

Learn more about our Political Science with French Specialization program here.

Get an international perspective and prepare for an exciting career in foreign affairs and global governance. Focus your sights in a variety of areas such as diplomatic relations, human rights, international justice, conflict resolution and more. You’ll learn from our faculty members and develop analytical skills to build novel approaches to global issues. You can broaden your horizons an add a student exchange opportunity, or the EU study abroad course where you will travel to Europe for exclusive access to NATO officials.

Learn more about our International Relations and Development Studies program here.

This broad program offers courses as varied as your interests. With lots of flexibility, it offers the ability to analyze issues, evaluate courses of action, and implement effective solutions. These skills are the stepping-stones to careers in a wide range of social service, business, or government organizations. You will choose a certificate program (Anthrozoology, Applied Information Technology, Arts Management, Law and Politics, Public Administration, Organizational Management, Second Language Education, Women’s and Gender Studies, Work and Employment Issues) and up to two or three minors, gaining transferable skills essential in the job market.

Learn more about our Liberal Arts and Professional Studies program here.

Beyond a reasonable doubt, this is an elite program popular with elite students who have an average of 85% or above. Focusing on the legal aspects of philosophy, history, criminology, sociology, politics, and government, there aren’t many other programs like it around. Use it to prepare for law school or an array of other careers. In this program you won’t just be a number. It’s a close-knit department where your professors will know your name.

Learn more about our Law and Politics program here.

Get behind the headlines and learn how political power really works. Our political science program introduces you to political, economic, social, and environmental issues in Canada and around the world. We offer a great mentorship program, opportunities to do research with faculty, and the ability to complete an internship in fourth year. Our active and engaged department is home to the Political Science Society, the Model UN Club, and arranges an annual trip to Europe through the EU Study Abroad course.

Learn more about our Political Science program here.

Inspire students to be engaged citizens by combining your education degree with a political science BA. Teach courses at the intermediate/senior level in subjects like world issues, law, social studies, and more. Our poli-sci department is welcoming, and our Faculty of Education connects you with real-world opportunities to refine your teaching skills.

Learn more about our Concurrent Education with Political Science program here.

The Interdisciplinary Health Sciences program provides an exciting opportunity to combine a Biological Sciences, Biomedical Sciences and Psychology degree with unique interdisciplinary concentrations. This program allows students to explore global challenges and grow as thought leaders who can tackle issues in areas like global health, the environment and climate change, and sustainable development.

Learn more about our Psychology - Interdisciplinary Health Sciences program here.

One diploma and two degrees in five years instead of seven. That’s efficient! This program is offered in co-operation with St. Clair College. You’ll get a General BA in Psychology and a BEd at the University of Windsor and an ECE diploma at St. Clair College, making you eligible to teach JK to Grade 6.

Learn more about our Concurrent Education with Psychology and Early Childhood Education program here.

Get inside people’s brains in this program that lets you discover why people think and act the way they do. Major in psychology alone or do a combined honours with another discipline. Start your program with an introduction to Psychology course for psych majors only, where you get to work in small groups led by mentors to help you along. You can do research and community placements throughout your undergraduate years. Our three-year General Psychology program provides a broad base of knowledge concerning many aspects of human behaviour and experience. Our Honours Psychology program includes advanced courses in various areas of psychology and prepares students to apply for non-psychology professional degrees. Our Honours Psychology with Thesis program provides advanced courses in psychology research methods and statistics and prepares students to apply for MA and PhD degrees in psychology.

Learn more about our Psychology program here.

Make a difference in people’s lives. Our social work grads are in high demand and you’ll find the work meaningful and rewarding. You will make friends for life in this tight-knit program based in a modern, landmark building just steps from the waterfront. You’ll have lots of opportunities for hands-on learning including placements in year 4, joining clubs, and volunteering in the community.

Learn more about our Social Work program here.

Society today is complicated. You’ll learn how to unravel its most urgent issues in this program that is focused on research, analysis and communication — skills relevant to a wide range of fields. You can tailor your degree by picking courses that match your interests. The department is small, ensuring you’ll get lots of personal attention.

Learn more about our Sociology program here.

Explore how gender, race and sexualities shape your daily life and the relationships you foster. You’ll learn from world-renowned leaders in the areas of equity, diversity and inclusion, and sexual assault resistance education. We have innovative learning initiatives through the Walls to Bridges program, where you’ll learn alongside incarcerated students, to the Bystander Initiative which teaches you how to safely intervene to end sexual violence.

Learn more about our Women's and Gender Studies program here.

Jessica Michelin - Psychology and Early Childhood Education

Caena Ussoletti - Criminology


Olivia White - Aeronautics