FAQ: I am not satisfied with my final grade that I received for a course. What should I do?

If you are not satisfied with a grade you receive in any course, you should first discuss it with the individual instructor who assigned the grade. You should make every effort to resolve the issue with the instructor by outlining the reasons for your dissatisfaction and attempt to come to a mutually agreeable resolution.

If you are unable to resolve the problem with your instructor, you may consider formally appealing your grade based on 'Incorrect Evaluation' or 'Procedural Irregularity'. Students who wish to appeal a grade in a course must submit a Grade Appeal through UWinsite Student no later than three weeks after the final grade has been posted. A letter of rationale and supporting documentation must accompany the appeal form along with an administrative fee of $20 (this fee will be refunded if your appeal is successful). An appeal for compassionate reasons do not have an administrative fee of $20. 

Please note that in cases of Incorrect Evaluation, a copy of the assignment(s) in question should also be attached when submitting the appeal.