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First Year Toolkit

As a first year student, we know that the transition from high school to university is hard. As a result, we created the First Year Transition Toolkit to help you adjust to your new learning environment. Take a look at what we have to offer through our videos and modules. You can also download any resources on here! We are here to help with whatever you need. 

Getting Started

Academic Advisors

Click here to find your Academic Advisor.

First Year Requirements 


CMAF-1010; CMAF-1120 + Lab
One Art/Language Credit
One Science/Language Credit

Please contact to the Undergraduate Coordinator (Music and Visual Art): 

Dr. Nick Papador 

For Visual Art and the Built Environment (VABE) Program, please contact: 

Mr. Jason Grossi 
Email: jgrossi@uwindsor.ca. 

B.A. Honours - Drama 

DRAM-1000 + Lab; 

DRAM-1170, DRAM-1300 OR DRAM-2300; 


One Social Science Course; 

One Science/Language Course

BFA in Acting 

DRAM-1000 + Lab; 




DRAM-1300 *If this is not offered, please contact Professor Lionel Walsh; 


Concurrent B.A/B.Ed

DRAM-1000 + Lab; 



One or Two courses from any area (2nd teachable); 


B.A. Drama in Education and Community (DRED) 

DRAM-1000 + Lab; 



One Science/Language Course; 


DRAM-2250 (can be taken in first or second year) 




One Social Science Course; 

One Science/Language Course




One Art Course; 

One Science/Language Course; 

One course outside of Social Sciences 

Please contact the following people for each area of study for LLC: 


Dr. Rossini 

Email: arossini@uwindsor.ca

French Studies 

Dr. Hamil 

Email: mhamil@uwindsor.ca 


Greek and Roman Studies 

Dr. Weir or Dr. Nelson 

Emails: weir1@uwindsor.ca OR mnelson@uwindsor.ca 

General/Honours BA - LAPS 

Dr. Phebe Lam 
Email: laps@uwindsor.ca 


B.A. LAPS - Flight Option 

Tamsin Bacon
Email: Tamsin.Bacon@uwindsor.ca


B.A. LAPS - Gateway 

Dr. Natalie Atkin 
Email: natkin@uwindsor.ca



One Social Science course; 

One Science/Language Course; 

One course that is outside of Arts 




One Art Course; 

One Science/Language Course; 

One Social Science Course




One Art Course; 

One Science/Language Course; 

One Social Science Course



One Science Course; 

One Introductory course from a Social Science Discipline; 

One Introductory course from any area of study



One Art Course; 

One Science/Language Course; 

One Social Science Course



One Art Course; 

One Science/Language Course; 

One Social Science Course

Please contact: 

Dr. Natalie Atkin 

Email: natkin@uwindsor.ca

Guidelines for Online Academic Success 

Our mission in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences is to ensure that you are successful during your undergraduate studies. Here are some guidelines for a successful transition. 

Students can add and drop courses through UWinsite Student up until the 10th day of classes for the Fall and Winter terms.

When selecting courses, it is strongly recommended to seek an Academic Advisor to aid in the process. An Academic Advisor will ensure that you are taking courses that you are interested in to ensure your success. 

  • Develop a main purpose for attending University. Think of your long-term goal(s) and break it into smaller short-term goals will make it seem less intimidating. Write them out on paper and stick it somewhere visible as a reminder that you want to achieve these goals. Setting a deadline will provide motivation towards completion. Ultimately, you want to succeed in university and forming long-term goal(s) and breaking it into short-term goals will help.
  • A major point of academic success is being engaged. Being an engaged student means that you are actively learning and not thinking about other things; you are also asking questions and contributing to the classroom. When you are engaged, you are more likely to understand concepts. Even though classes will be online, there are different ways you can still be active such as emailing your professors some questions from lectures, or if you are doing live stream, you can use the text function to ask questions.
  • Time management and priority making are essential. Although classes will be online and you can do it from the comfort of your home, you need to make sure that you are still making good choices based on your priorities. If your long-term goal is to get a high average for your first year, then that means your priority would be studying. When you established your priorities, only then you can allocate and manage your time. For time management, using a calendar or agenda to write down important dates would aid in organization.
  •  Distraction could be your worst enemy. Try to limit the number of distractions around you by finding a place within your house to do your schoolwork. Try to avoid using social media when you are studying or engaging in class. Online shopping should be also avoided. When you are distracted, you are not engaged, and you will miss important information.  
  • Studying - how you should study is to start by looking at the syllabus of each course. Each syllabus has "learning outcomes" that a successful student must achieve by the end of the course. When you are studying, use that syllabus as a guideline. Cross-reference with textbooks and lecture notes to see if you have answered each learning outcomes with confidence. It is strongly recommended to start studying at least two weeks before your assessment to optimize your time. Use the last three days as a review period to go over key concepts and terms.
  • Sleeping - Most students find it difficult to maintain a healthy 7-8 hours of sleep each night, but this is an important factor towards success. There have been studies that having enough hours of sleep helps with consolidation of learning. So, it works in your favour if you're sleeping properly. Try not to drink coffee before going to sleep. 

If you are struggling in one or more of your courses, then it might be in your best interest to do a voluntary withdraw (VW). A voluntary withdraw simply means that you will not continue with the course and you will not have to do the remaining assessments or receive a final grade. However, a VW will show on your transcript but there is no grade value associated with it.

Before you voluntarily withdraw, you should consult with an academic advisor to see how it would impact your academic progression. If you are an OSAP recipient, you should speak with someone from the Student Awards and Financial Aid to see how that might impact your provincial funding. 

Download a PDF version of the Guidelines for Online Academic Success.

Have trouble with setting schedules? Download our "Make Your Schedule" template here

Want to keep organized? Click here to download free graphic organizers! 

Interested in learning what type of learner you are? Take a VARK test to find out! Click here to access the VARK Questionnaire

Want tips from a current student? Click on one of our videos. 

Anson Ho - Dramatic Art & Music 

Lauren Lopez - Concurrent French and Education 

Alyssa Lauzon - Social Work

Carolyne Andzoa - Social Work

Marissa Paulin - Political Science (Law & Politics)

A message from Dr. John Sutcliffe, Department Head of Political Science


First Year Resources Hub

First-year is an adjustment period. Find some resources to help you with your transition as you begin your journey as a Windsor Lancer.  


Reach is an online peer supporting program designed to provide academic support to first and second-year students. By joining a Reach session, students can expect to receive advice and tips from an upper year student relating to:

  • Student Life (i.e. events, student groups, and campus involvement); 
  • Studying Tips; 
  • Time Management Strategies;  
  • Campus Services and Resources;  
  • First-Year Transition Questions 

Click here to access the Reach Portal here or email reach@uwindsor.ca and a Reach Peer will try to answer within 24 hours. 

Writing Support Desk 

The Writing Support Desk is located on the main floor of the Leddy Library and is a service that provides students with help regarding various aspects of their academic writing, including 

  • interpreting assignment prompts 
  • constructing strong theses and arguments 
  • grammar, punctuation, and syntax problems 
  • analyzing and integrating sources 
  • citing and referencing  

Students should note that the WSD is not a proofreading service. Though they will examine as much of a sample of writing as they can in the space of a one-on-one consultation, their goal is to teach students how to improve their writing, not to edit the work. 

Students can email their work in advance of their appointments to writingsupport@uwindsor.ca (.docx. or .doc formats). 

Click here for more information about their services.

Skills to Enhance Personal Success (STEPS) 

Skills to Enhance Personal Success (STEPS) are workshops that are geared towards helping to develop study skills to achieve academic success in a university setting. 

STEPS sessions are held throughout the fall and winter semesters to introduce practical methods that can help you improve your learning and study skills across disciplines. STEPS workshops are free of charge and no registration is required to attend their workshops. 

Click here to find more information about the STEPS program.

Student Accessibility Services 

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) is committed to working with the entire campus community in creating equal access to higher education for all academically qualified students who may have disabilities. 

SAS strive to foster an inclusive climate of mutual respect and understanding on the UWindsor campus, so that all students are welcome and able to contribute to the fabric of the university community. 

For more information about SAS, please click here

Office of Career Development & Experiential Learning 

They are a team of professionals who brings expertise in career exploration, job search strategies, resumes and cover letters, interview preparation, and labour market information. They are here to help students build bridges between the classroom and the world of work by supporting their career development and connecting them with resources and opportunities to prepare for whatever their goals might be after their time at the University of Windsor. 

Some of the services that they offer are:

  • Appointments 
  • Workshops and Webinars 
  • Peer Advising 

Topics that the Career Development and Experiential Learning can assist with:

  • Interview Prep 
  • Mock Interview 
  • Cover Letter and Resume 
  • Curriculum Vitae 
  • Job Search Techniques 
  • LinkedIn Profile Critique  
  • Personal Statements and Letters of Intent 
  • Further Education and Preparing for Professional Schools Interview 
  • Career Planning (What Can I Do with My Degree) 
  • Interest/Career Assessment Initial Appointment  
  • Career Exploration Program  

For more information about their services, please click here

Ignite Work Study Program 

The Ignite is the University of Windsor's Work Study program and funds part-time jobs on campus for students. Positions offer an opportunity for both financial benefits and skills development. The program is coordinated by Career Development & Experiential Learning. 

For you to be eligible for Ignite, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be in good academic standing (cumulative average of 60% or higher and not be on academic probation); 
  • Be registered in a minimum course load (60% for domestic; 80% for international; 40% for students with a documented disability);  
  • Not be on a co-op work term in the semester they are employed in an Ignite position; 
  • Student cannot work more than 24 hours a week on campus and students with a GA position are limited to 100 hours of work per semester;  
  • After being hired into an Ignite position, students are to attend a mandatory one-hour Launch Session facilitated by CDEL within the first two weeks of their start date.  

For more information about the Ignite program, please click here

Volunteer Internship Program (VIP) - Community Service Learning 

VIP: Community Service-Learning
students work with local community partners to have an impact on their community while gaining skills and experience for their future careers. Service learners will apply discipline specific knowledge while addressing community need. In addition to serving a minimum of 40 community hours, students will also complete professional development activities online and in-person. This opportunity will take place during a single semester and is co-curricular. 

Successful students will be awarded a certificate, notation on their academic transcript, and earn skills and experience to help them with their future employment. 

Students are encouraged to apply, and they will be able to view opportunities before they pay the administrative fee.

For students to be qualify for the program, they must:

  • Be in good academic standing; 
  • Be in at least second term of study to apply so they can begin their community service-learning experience in their third term of study. 

For more information about the VIP: Community Service Learning, please click here

Job Shadow Experience Program 

The main goal of this program is to assist students with increasing their professional network, learning more about an industry of interest, potential careers and articulate their experiences. 

By the end of this experience, students will:

  • Research a local company, including relevant labour market information, using various online methods;  
  • Learn how to apply their skills, education, and training;  
  • Learn professional Canadian workplace expectations;  
  • Conduct at least one informational interview;  
  • Tour at least one company/organization of interest, observe various careers and operations;  
  • Learn how their skills and education can fit into the labour market;  
  • Follow up with at least one new network contact;  
  • Reflect on their experiences 

Who can participate: 

  • Any students currently registered at the University of Windsor  
  • Must be able to attend the mandatory orientation sessions 

For more information, please click here

Outstanding Scholars Program 

Outstanding Scholars are paid to do research outside of class, working for faculty members. This unique opportunity lasts for three years, during students' second, third and fourth years of undergraduate study. 

The Outstanding Scholar program provides an exceptional and supportive undergraduate learning experience for high-achieving students, emphasizing depth and breadth of research-based academic inquiry, strong and ongoing faculty/student mentorship, effective communication of research achievement, and achievement of external recognition of academic excellence. 

For more information about the Outstanding Scholars program, please click here.

Student Exchange

The University of Windsor has developed a broad range of student exchange partnerships with other universities and post-secondary institutions around the world. Currently, we have a variety of programs in a variety of countries, involving many different partner institutions including every continent except Antarctica. 

Normally, students go on exchange for one or two semesters after completion of four or more semesters of study at the University of Windsor. No tuition is charged by the partner institution, as students continue to pay their University of Windsor tuition while they are away. Some financial assistance is also available. All course credits obtained on exchange may be applied to the University of Windsor degree requirements as appropriate. 

For more information about the Exchange program, please click here

LEAD Scholars Program

The LEAD Medallion Scholars program recognizes students in good standing who have excelled within and beyond the classroom. In order to earn a medallion, recipients will have demonstrated leadershipengagementapplication, and discovery during their time in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. 

  • Leadership through peer mentoring and campus involvement.  
  • Engagement through service learning, study abroad, or outreach activities.  
  • Application through internship, practicum, or other hands-on activities related to your field of study.  
  • Discovery through undergraduate research or creative pursuits.  

Through the LEAD Medallion Scholars program, you can receive either a bronze, silver or gold medal based on how many of the LEAD categories you have completed. Each activity you participated in can only count towards one area of LEAD. For a course to be counted towards the LEAD Scholars program, you must have obtained a minimum of a 70% in that course. 

For more information about the LEAD Scholars program, please click here

Student Counselling Centre 

The Student Counselling Centre at the University of Windsor provides registered students free, confidential mental health counselling delivered by trained mental health professionals. Students in crisis will be provided support and counselling. 

Students may have to deal with stresses related to:

  • Physical or mental illnesses (i.e. depression and anxiety);  
  • Family issues; 
  • Identify confusion; 
  • Time management; 
  • The end of important relationships;  
  • Illness or death of a loved one; 
  • Moving away from home;  
  • Financial concerns  

For more information about the SCC, please click here

Therapy Assistant Online (TAO) 

It may be helpful to think of TAO as an online library of engaging, interactive programs to learn life skills and to help you bounce back from disappointments or stumbling blocks in life. As you watch videos and engage with their interactive components, you'll gain the knowledge, self-awareness, and skills you need to achieve your goals. 

Click here to be directed to the TAO link.

My Student Support Program (MySSP)

What is MySSP? 

  • Free confidential counselling by licensed counsellors;  
  • Available 24/7 via call or text; 
  • At any given time, students have access to 35+ languages/cultures;  
  • Program supports 140+ languages/cultures across their entire clinical network; 
  • App downloadable in simplified Chinese, Korean, Spanish, English and French;  
  • Resource library for common student concerns (i.e. relationships and homesickness)  
  • International phone number for when traveling abroad  

What can MySSP counsellors help with?

  • Stress, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed;  
  • Sadness, loneliness, homesickness;  
  • relationships with family, friends, roommates;  
  • Procrastination and trouble studying;  
  • Worries about upcoming exams or academic performance;  
  • And lots more!  

For more information about MySSP, please click here

Peer Support Centre

The Peer Support Centre is a drop-in centre where students from across campus can find a supportive peer to talk to. It's a safe and inclusive space where trained peer support volunteers offer peer counselling to students. 

Our volunteers are University of Windsor students who have gone through extensive training to better enable them to give support to their peers. The Peer Support Centre is a UWSA initiative, in collaboration with the Student Counselling Centre. 

For more information for the PSC, please click here

Student Health Services

Student Health Services is an on-campus physician's office. They provide confidential, student-centred health care, including comprehensive medical care, counseling, and referrals. 

Please be aware that all patients must be registered University of Windsor students.

Even if students opt-out of the student drug plan, students are still welcome to see their dedicated team of physicians, nurses and administrative staff. 

For more information about Student Health Services, please click here

Student Awards and Financial Aid 

The Office of Student Awards and Financial Aid is dedicated to assisting students in meeting their financial obligations with respect to their post-secondary educational costs. If you have questions regarding your financial aid eligibility, please contact the Office of Student Awards and Financial Aid. You may request an appointment to meet in person, or virtually, with one of their Financial Aid Specialists or their Financial Aid Administrator if you have special circumstances. 

The University of Windsor offers many scholarships, bursaries and awards which are based on both academic merit and financial need. 

The Student Awards and Financial Aid Office has a three-fold function: 

  • Recognition of academic achievement;  
  • Accommodation of financial need;  
  • Dissemination of information on the various awards available for undergraduate study at the University of Windsor.  

A student award may take the form of a citation, medal, gift or grant of money presented to a student. In some instances, students must submit an application form for consideration, although some are assigned based strictly on grades. Some awards give consideration to a combination of factors, for example, academic merit, financial need, volunteerism and/or leadership potential. 

For more information, please click here.

The enRICHed Program 

Get an enRICHed Start on your financial future! 

  • Are you concerned about managing your own budget for the first time?  
  • Are you concerned about repaying your student loan upon graduation? 
  • Are you thinking about saving for your future? 

Through a series of fun, insightful videos, the enRICHed Start program will help you: 

  • Steer away from poor money management traps; 
  • Avoid credit card traps that can bury you in debt;  
  • Understand the fundamentals of saving and investing early  

To get started now, login to enRICHed Start now and register using your valid UWindsor email address. Click here to get started on your enRICHed experience. 

For more information, please email enrichedstart@uwindsor.ca. 

Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for all matters relating to registration, enrolment, records, admissions, and graduation. 

The Office of the Registrar is also responsible for timetable information, change of programs, and final grades. 

Each student has an Admissions and Records Officer who is responsible for their records. Your Admissions and Records Officer is determined by your last name using the alphabetical listing below. 

  • Stacey Shuel (sshuel@uwindsor.ca) - A - Chaw
  • Kelly Courneya (Kcourne@uwindsor.ca)  - Chea - Gre
  • Leanie Joya (leanie@uwindsor.ca)  - Gri - Mek
  • Lisa Learn (lmsmith@uwindsor.ca)  - Mel - Suy
  • Jen Molnar (jmolnar@uwindsor.ca) - Suz - Zzz

For information about transcripts, please email transcripts@uwindsor.ca. 

Timetable Information 

Looking for a course? 

Click here to see the timetables.

Aboriginal Education Centre 

The Aboriginal Education Centre provides support to self-identified Aboriginal students reach their highest potential in a culturally supportive atmosphere by: 

  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff who can refer you to various student support services on campus;  
  • Cultural programming and events;  
  • A lounge and study area where you can socialize, study, or just relax;  
  • Printing, scanning, and faxing services;  
  • Volunteer and work opportunities;  
  • School visits and community presentations  

For more information, please click here

Campus Pride Centre 

The Campus Pride Centre provides a positive environment for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Questioning, Two-Spirited, Intersex, Pansexual and Asexual individuals and their allies on the University of Windsor campus. Learn more about the Campus Pride Centre. 

To find more about the Campus Pride Centre, please click here

International Student Centre 

The International Student Centre provides a variety of quality services and programs to support almost 4000 UWindsor international students, scholars, and their family members from over 90 different countries. The International Student Centre team works diligently to help students to achieve their academic and personal goals while in Canada. They provide professional advising services including academic support, information about health coverage, and immigration information. The International Student Centre also administers the exchange programs for students coming from abroad and for students studying at our partner institutions around the world. 

For more information about the ISC, please click here

Womxn's Centre

The Womxn's Centre operates as a free campus service providing a safe space and welcoming environment for people of all backgrounds and expressions. 

As an actively pro-choice, feminist space, the Womxn's Centre provides guests with resources and information, as well as a positive supporting environment and redirection to more specific resources if required. 

Feel free to visit the space to see all the resources and services that they offer! 

For more information, please click here.


Reach Portal

The Office of the FAHSS Associate Dean, Academic and Student Success - Student Success and Support Services

Download a PDF version of the First Year Resources Hub.

Download a PDF version of the FAHSS - Student Success and Support Services.

Download the List of Wellness Resources.

Download the Walk Through Wellness.


Terms, Acronyms & Vocabulary

In university, there will be different terms and vocabulary that you will have to understand. This file outlines all of the important terms that you will encounter during your first-year at the University of Windsor. 

  • Academic Advising - Professional counselling on academic-related issues such as selecting and registering for courses, understanding the academic progress report, academic responsibilities, etc.   
  • Academic Progress Report - The Academic Progress Report (APR) shows a student's progress towards fulfilling the graduation requirements for a program of study.  
  • Academic Integrity - The idea of centering your academic journey through the values of honesty, respect, fairness, and responsibility.  
  • Academic Standing - The academic standing is a status based on if students have met their minimum academic requirements. 
  • Aegrotat Standing - Aegrotat Standing is the exceptional granting of credit for a course based on term work
  • Associate Dean, Academic and Student Success - The Associate Dean, Academic and Student Success is responsible for all academic and student success-related issues and initiatives at the undergraduate level. 
  • CAW Student Centre - The CAW Student Centre is the student lounge at the University of Windsor. 
  • Course Outline/Syllabus - A course outline/syllabus is an official document that outlines the course information and instructor's contacts. 
  • Course Reserve - Textbooks that you can borrow for your classes. 
  • Dean - The Dean is the Chief Academic Leader in the Faculty. 
  • Department/School - An academic unit within a faculty. 
  • Examination - a final assessment of learning that occurs at the end of the semester. 
  • Faculty - A faculty is an academic division within the University. 
  • Faculty Members - Faculty members are the teaching staff at the University of Windsor. 
  • First Year - A student who's in their first semester of an undergraduate program.
  • Head Start - Head Start is UWindsor's summer orientation program to help incoming students with the transition to university.  
  • Midterm Exam - an assessment of learning that occurs during the middle of the semester. 
  • Leddy Library - The Leddy Library is the central library for the entire university. 
  • Registrar's Office - The Office of the Registrar is responsible for registration, enrolment, final examinations, official grades, and transcripts. 
  • Transcript - A transcript is a copy of a student's academic record at the University.
  • Voluntary Withdraw - Voluntary withdraw occurs when a student drops a course or courses, without academic penalty, before the VW date. 
  • Welcome Week - The annual Fall orientation for first-year students. 
  • AEC - Aboriginal Education Centre 
  • AP - Academic Probation
  • BA - Bachelor of Arts 
  • BSW - Bachelor of Social Work 
  • CCR - Co-Curricular Record 
  • CDEL - Career Development and Experiential Learning 
  • FAHSS - Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences 
  • FG - First Generation 
  • GA - Graduate Assistant
  • GS - Good Standing
  • INC - Incomplete Grade
  • ISC - International Student Centre 
  • LLC - Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
  • LAPS - Liberal Arts and Professional Studies 
  • NP - No Pass 
  • NR - No Report of a Grade
  • - Pass 
  • RTW - Required to Withdraw
  • OPUS - Organization of Part-time University Students
  • - Satisfactory 
  • SAS - Student Accessibility Services
  • SCC - Student Counselling Centre
  • SET - Student Evaluation of Teaching
  • SHS - Student Health Services
  • SoCA - School of Creative Arts 
  • SoDA - School of Dramatic Art 
  • SOS - Students Offering Support
  • SSLC - Student Success and Leadership Centre 
  • STEPS - Skills to Enhance Personal Success 
  • TA - Teaching Assistant 
  • - Unsatisfactory 
  • UWSA - University of Windsor Students' Alliance 
  • VIP - Volunteer Internship Program 
  • VW - Voluntary Withdraw 

Look through some of the resources to help with taking care of yourself. 

Feeling stressed? Click on the following links to print some adult colour pages! 

Need a break? Well let's get moving! Click on the following links to do some at home exercises. 


Academic Advisors

A message from the Central Academic Advising Office

The Central Advising Team is here to help undergraduate students with:

  • Choosing or changing your program or major
  • Understanding your Academic Progress Report and degree requirements
  • Understanding academic regulations and procedures
  • Adding, dropping, or withdrawing from a course
  • Developing a plan to deal with academic difficulties (i.e., Academic Probation & Required to Withdraw)
  • Reviewing your academic progress
  • Referral to other relevant campus services

List of Central Advisors 

Central Academic Advisor - Speciality in Transfer Student Support
Student Success and Leadership Centre, Dillon Hall, Suite 111

Phone: 519-253-3000 ext 3977
Email: danielle@uwindsor.ca

Central Academic Advising Coordinator
Student Success and Leadership Centre, Dillon Hall, Suite 111

Phone: 519-253-3000 ext 3950
Email: cogorman@uwindsor.ca

Central Academic Advisor - Speciality in International Student Support
Student Success and Leadership Centre, Dillon Hall, Suite 111

Phone: 519-253-3000 ext 3409
Email: deniskt@uwindsor.ca

Click here to make an appointment with a Central Academic Advisor.

Departmental Academic Advisors

Not sure which courses you should register for next semester? Looking for advice on which courses to take to satisfy your degree program? Want to discuss your options with someone knowledgeable about your program? Every department within FAHSS has Academic Advisors who are here to help you make the most of your university experience!

Click here for the full list of Departmental Academic Advisors.

Download a PDF version of the Academic Advising Pamplet.

Virtual Campus Tour

Interested in taking a virtual tour of our beautiful campus? Click here to start!


FAHSS Alumni

Marissa Bumanlag, M.Ed Candidate, OCT, B.Ed, B.A. (Honours) in Political Science

My undergraduate experience FAHSS greatly impacted my career path now as a teacher with the Thames Valley District School Board and my current studies in the Masters of Education program at the University of Windsor. During my undergraduate career, I was able to create fantastic connections with my professors and classmates which later turned into career opportunities to work with students in volunteer internship programs, co-op, and on academic probation. I later found out that these experiences alongside working and volunteering in the nonprofit sector for over 7 years have contributed to my career choice as a teacher. I felt a sense of purpose seeing and helping others succeed and grow through their own self confidence. FAHSS has allowed me to craft my own written and communication skills so that I am able to become self-reflective and analytical in my research in providing exceptional learning opportunities for my students!

Marissa Bumanlag

Bonjour à tous! My name is Aline Nguyen and I’m a proud alumna of FAHSS. From 2012 to 2016, I pursued my Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in French Studies. My favourite courses were any that revolved around linguistics; I enjoyed studying how the French language has evolved over time and how it continues to evolve in a changing world. It has given me a lot of insight in teaching students how to use it effectively in various real-world contexts and why aspects of the language vary depending on these contexts and the regions and cultures in which they are used.

In addition, Psychology is one of two minors that I hold. I decided to study it over the course of my undergraduate studies because I was interested in learning how the mind works. One of the courses that I took was Educational Psychology, which gave me a better understanding of the diverse learning needs of students and how I could tailor lessons to best address these needs. When done effectively, students will better respond to the learning process and meet the expectations set for them and, in some cases, even exceed them. 

What I have learned during my undergraduate studies continues to be beneficial to my career in education. Since 2018, I have been working as a teacher on the secondary roster with the Greater Essex County District School Board. During the most recent school year, I have had the privilege of completing my first long-term assignment at Essex District High School where I taught Core French classes to students in Grades 9 and 10. Being able to design and deliver interactive lessons to engage students in learning French has allowed me to pass on my passion for languages and foster a lifelong curiosity for learning.

Aline Nguyen

I did both my undergrad and master’s at UWindsor. My undergrad was in Political Science with a law and politics specialization and Spanish minor and my Master’s was in Political Science. I initially thought I wanted to go into law which quickly changed as I further advanced in my program. I found I had more of an interest in immigration, which led me to pursuing my second Master’s degree in Immigration and Settlement Studies at Ryerson. I am now an Immigration Associate at a law firm in Toronto and a Project Coordinator at Ryerson. I love what I do and I don’t think that would’ve happened if I did not begin my journey at UWindsor!

Cezara Chesu and friend


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