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Student Staff in the First Year Community Program

First Year Community

The First Year Community program takes a social approach to student success. We are dedicated to help you build connections with other students, student leaders, and faculty and staff members at the University of Windsor, so that you can have a great student experience. 

By joining the FAHSS First Year Community program, you are invited to do break out activities hosted by a Group Facilitation Coordinator and network with other peers and members of the university campus. 

Some activities will be related to the following topics: 

  • University jitters & What is FAHSS?;
  • High-impacted practices activities (i.e. research opportunities and student exchange); 
  • Student involvement;
  • Team building; 
  • Wellness, self-care and staying active; 
  • UWindsor Proud; 
  • Campus services; 
  • Preparing for final exams

You must be a first-year student to register for the program. Participants will receive a certificate of completion by the end of the semester.