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Pathway to Academic and Student Success (PASS)

Pathway to Academic and Student Success (PASS) is a student support program that strategically provides students with the opportunity to achieve academic success. 

Students, who are at-risk or on academic probation, will go through a twelve-week series of workshops, breakout groups, and activities to help them develop necessary skills to be effective university students. The program focuses on key areas where students may have difficulties in such as evaluation preparation, time management, financial stress, mental and physical health, lack of student engagement, poor resiliency, and career confusion in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Students will have a peer mentor that will present the curriculum, facilitate their breakout activities and answer any questions that they may have. Students will also have to write four reflections on their development as a PASS student and receive support from the Student Success and Academic Support Coordinator and Career Advisor. 

Students must have a GPA of 55.0 to 64.9 to be admitted into PASS. 

If at the end of the Winter semester, if a student is still on academic probation, then the FAHSS Student Success and Academic Support Coordinator will make a recommendation to the Academic Standing Committee to document their involvement within PASS.  

The 12-week PASS program is now closed. 

Accelerated PASS Program 

The Office of the Associate Dean, Academic and Student Success will be offering a 6-week version of the PASS program called accelerated PASS. 

Students will go through the same curriculum, materials and activities like the standard program, but will conclude the program in 6 weeks rather than 12. There will be two cohorts available for Winter 2021. The first cohort will start on January 8th and end on February 12th and the second cohort will start on February 26th and end on April 1st. 

Applications for accelerated PASS is now open. Click here to start your application.

Student Testimonials

  • "I was given the privilege to be a part of the PASS program, during the winter 2019 semester. I had a terrible fall semester that year, resulting in one failed class and an average of 58%. The PASS program and staff were so kind and helpful from the moment I stepped in there, until the moment the program was finished. Tony and associates always tried their absolute best to give us the help we needed. Whether it was writing essays, making good use of your time and or learning and adapting new studying strategies. As well as if you needed additional help outside of school, the staff was very understanding and helpful. After completing the PASS program, my grades improved significantly and I have found new ways to learn and I have learned so much. I am very thankful for the program; I wouldn’t be back in school if it wasn’t for their help."
  • “I am very glad that I chose to be a part of the PASS program. I am thankful that I was able to receive help from Tony and from the peer mentors. There were so many useful information that I received from the workshops and from the activities that helped prepare better for examinations. Information regarding evaluation preparation and time management were ones that really helped me to do better with my courses this semester. If I was putting effort into doing better, Tony and the peer mentors were always there to help. If I had not joined this program, I wouldn’t have learned the tips I did to improve my studying habits and do better in my classes. I am very thankful for the privilege I was given to be apart of this program."
  • "As a University student, sometimes I feel overwhelmed and struggle to the point of failure. This past semester I found myself on academic probation, and thankfully was accepted into the Pathway to Academic and Student Success (PASS) program.  PASS has taught me skills to help overcome many stressors and become successful. I have gained skills weekly throughout the semester with online and in-person meetings. Some topics that were especially helpful to me were exam writing and improving my time management skills. To have a mentor guide me along the way this semester has been a great extra support system. I am fortunate to have been part of this program because I learnt skills to help improve my lifestyle as a student now, and as a professional after graduation. Thank you to everyone who made this program possible; I am grateful for your help. I am excited and look forward to being part of PASS+ next semester."
  • "This term PASS has definitely helped me improve my grades. I have seen a increase in my overall GPA and I have noticed my work ethic improve as well. Having PASS weekly helped me be accountable for attending someone other than classes, and where my attendance would be noticed. It helped me improve my coping skills when times get stressful and tough and also made me realize that I am not alone in my struggles. There are a lot of other students who are going through the same things I am and there are always people to help if you simply look for them. Overall PASS was a positive experience for me and I would definitely recommend it to others who are in need of a program like this."
  • "The decision to enrol in PASS was the next best decision next to choosing to return to complete my post-secondary education as a mature adult. Everything about PASS is beneficial. Being part of PASS provided me with the support and direction that I needed to adjust to the learning curves that are associated with returning to school plus learning to learn in a virtual world. I value the skill development and support that the PASS program has fostered as well as the setting of clear criteria and expectations associated with successfully completing the program. And I am grateful for the program facilitator and academic advisor. They were instrumental in fostering a safe and respectful learning space for everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the group, and it definitely was time well spent. I feel more confident about my ability to succeed. I wish there was something similar to PASS for all new and returning students, regardless of their academic standing to help them immerse into university life in a positive and supported way. Thank you, PASS team. "


Contact Information 

Please email pass@uwindsor.ca if you have any questions or concerns relating to the program.