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Payment Options

*******Effective March 2020 we no longer accept cash as a payment option*******

WEB (Internet) or Telephone Banking

If you have Web banking set up, simply add the University of Windsor as a payee. Your student ID is your account number for web payments. If you do not have online or telephone banking privileges, contact your bank to establish this service. Electronic banking may take up to 72 hours for the bank to authorize the transfer of funds. Electronic payments are credited to your account the date the bank transmits the funds to the University. It is recommended you make your payment a few days prior to the deadline to ensure funds are received.

At a Financial Institution

If paying at a chartered Financial Institution, simply send payment to the University of Windsor. Your student ID is your account number.

CIBC International Student Pay

CIBC International Student Pay is a new secure online portal for International Students to make arrangement for payments to the University of Windsor in the student’s local currency. The quote and payment instructions the student receives are good for 72 hours (excluding weekends). There are no transaction charges from CIBC or the University of Windsor.

Get Started with CIBC International Student Pay (Eng)

View video in other languages:

To get a quote and payment instruction please visit the CIBC ISP Portal and follow these steps:

  1. Select the country you are paying from and how much you want to transfer to the University of Windsor.
  2. Review the quote and see up front what the exchange amount will be.
  3. Complete the required information and make the payment by wire through your bank.

For payment assistance, and to speak with a live representative, please contact CIBC support desk:

Calling from India (toll free): +1800121661661
Calling from North America (toll free): +18446378898
Calling from anywhere else in the world: +919071373838

The CIBC International Student Pay team has the following availability:

  • 24 hours x 5 days a week - Monday to Friday
  • 8 hours - Saturday (10 AM - 6 PM Indian Standard Time)

For the details of your payment, please contact CIBC via e-mail:

Using OSAP Funds

You must have an OSAP assessment calculated within 3 business days of the fee deadline date for the term (August 15 for the Fall semester; December 15 for the Winter semester and May 15 for the Intersession/Summer semester).

Your pending OSAP funding will be applied to your student account as "Anticipated Aid" and will reduce your balance owing to the University by the amount that is scheduled to be released for the term. Your student account information (once tuition has been calculated for the term) can be viewed by logging in to UWinsite Student > Financial Account.

If you have sufficient OSAP funding to cover your balance owing, then you do not have to make a further payment by the fee deadline date.

If you do not have sufficient OSAP funding to cover your balance owing, then you will need to ensure that the remaining balance (fees less anticipated OSAP aid) is paid by the fee deadline date so that you do not incur interest charges. After the fee deadline date, interest will accrue on any outstanding tuition balance. Interest will be calculated accordingly on accounts where OSAP funding is applied as anticipated aid, after the fee deadline date.

OSAP funding greater than your balance owing will be directed to the bank account that you set up with the National Student Loan Service Centre when you signed your Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA). To request a change to your bank account information on file with the NSLSC, visit the NSLSC website.

Graduate Students Payroll Deferment Plan

A graduate student is required to submit a Payroll Deferment form to the Student Accounts Office prior to the due-date of each semester: September 17 for the Fall semester, January 11 for the Winter semester, and June 10 for the Intersession/Summer semester.

If 90% of the student's GA, TA, RA and or Sessional, is enough to cover all of the tuition fees, then the interest is waived.  If it is not enough, then the amount left owing must be paid by the financial due-date of the semester, August 15, December 15 and May 15. If payment is not made, interest is charged on that outstanding balance, until the difference is paid in full. 

Effective Fall 2020, we will be deducting 100% of all funds being disbursed through Payroll until the outstanding Student Accounts balance is paid in full. Following that any remaining payments will be issued to the student.

By Mail (Drop Box not available at this time)

You may pay using a Cheque or Money Order made payable to the University of Windsor. To ensure credit to the proper account, the Student’s Name and Student ID must be clearly printed. Do not put cash in the drop box or in the mail. If you mail your payment, it may take 10 days for your payment to arrive and be processed. Mail payments are credited to your account the date received in the Student Accounts Office.

In Person (Not available at this time)

You may pay your fees by cheque, money order, bank draft or debit card at the Student Accounts Office counter:

  • Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday & Thursday from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

If you choose this method close to the deadline, you may encounter long lines and paperwork. It is recommended an alternate payment method be used if possible.

HigherEd Points

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Interest Charges

Daily interest charges apply to outstanding balances after the payment deadline at 14% per annum, calculated daily, compounded monthly.  Interest is calculated by (14% x Outstanding Balance X number of days outstanding) / 365. If you are subject to interest charges, they will appear on your account weekly following the interest assessment. See the University Calendar for Financial Regulations and Policies.