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Drop Dates

Drop Dates and Opt Out of Incidental Charges

Fall 2020

Full tuition refund drop date is October 7, 2020 for the Fall 2020 semester. Any courses dropped after October 7 will be charged 100% of the base tuition charges (0% refund).

Final date to Opt Out of incidental charges is October 7, 2020. After October 7, incidental charges cannot be reversed.

International Student Deposit and Tuition Refund Withdrawal

If visa denial is provided for the Fall term with supporting documentation, you have up until September 23, 2020 to receive a full refund and deposit refund. After September 23, 2020 deadline, if your visa is denied your deposit is forfeited.

Drop date for refund of the tuition and fees deadline is October 7, 2020.

Financial Appeal

To make an appeal, send documentation and description of your situation to

Students who take 4 or more courses are considered full-time students and therefore pay full-time tuition rates. If you drop from 5 courses to 4 courses, you will not receive a tuition refund, as you are still considered to be a full-time student and the tuition remains the same. Some incidental fees are charged based on the number of courses in which a student is registered, so you may be eligible for a refund of those fees, depending on the date you drop. See above for the incidental drop date.