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Fine Arts Grad Combines Research and Creativity to Study Intersectionality of Her Heritage

Headshot of Talysha

At the start of her degree program, recent Master's of Fine Arts Graduate,Talysha Bujold-Abu, aimed to use her research skills, creativity, and passion for visual art to understand the multiplexity of her heritage and what it means to be a mixed-race person but ended up getting far more than she bargained for.

Talysha, a talented artist involved in many community projects, sought the answer to the question "what does it mean to have my experiences?". Being a mixed-race person she often felt categorized by her appearance. She wanted to then express this through her art and her research, two major components integrated into her degree program.

Unsure of how to do this, she consulted her advisors, Michael Darroch, Jennifer Willet and Karen Engle. Her seasoned advisors expertly provided critical analysis of her work and pointed her towards areas of focus regarding her research to keep her on the right track. Due to this she was able to present her truth as art, something she learned how to perfect during her Graduate Assistantship for the course Contemporary Visual Culture, which studies how we as people examine visually experiences. This realization culminated in a solo exhibition in a local art gallery and a support document that explains her the meaning behind her work (equivalent to a thesis).

Talysha is proud to have had the opportunity to allow her creativity to overlap her research and bring minority history into the forefront of academia, work she continues to do post-graduation.

Due to her exposure to the art community during her degree program, Talysha was able to network with several organizations both in and out of her field and obtain positions as an illustrator for a local winery and company websites among many others. She also spent her degree improving her communication skills, learning how to discuss art in relation to complex social issues on an academic level both inside and outside of the classroom.

"Never would I have the communication skills I current have if I hadn't gone through Grad School"

Talysha is a perfect example of student who with the proper support of the University of Windsor (more specifically her academic department, facilitated through the Faculty of Graduate Studies) is able to seamless handle multiple engaging employment and academic responsibilities while still making new industry connections. She hopes to continue building her profile as an emerging artist and is working on a graphic novel in her spare time.

To get in touch with Talysha, visit her website at, email her at, or give her a call at (647) 221 9111. Some of her work is featured below (photo credits to: Amin Nadi)

02 - Obeisance in Exchanged Blood, 1 - 2017 - TBA.jpg

04 - Obeisance in Exchanged Blood, 2 - 2017 - TBA.jpg

04 - Obeisance in Exchanged Blood, 3 - 2017 - TBA.jpg

Works depicted (from left to right) 

Obeisance in Exchanged Blood, 1 - 2017 - TBA

Obeisance in Exchanged Blood, 2 - 2017 - TBA

Obeisance in Exchanged Blood, 23- 2017 - TBA