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2022 NSERC Doctoral Scholarship Competition

NSERC funds graduate scholarships in the natural sciences and engineering, including some areas of kinesiology and psychology.

For other disciplines review the information about the CIHR and SSHRC competitions.

The following is a brief overview of the main steps in the NSERC doctoral scholarship electronic application process. Note that NSERC Master's scholarships (CGS M) have a separate application process and deadline (December 1, 2021).

The process for students to apply for the NSERC doctoral scholarships has not changed from last year. The Graduate Studies office will forward electronic copies of complete applications to each department as soon as possible after the student application deadline (Wednesday, September 22, 2021).  It is therefore not necessary for students submit paper copies of their application to their department.

The NSERC on-line application form is available at:

 **New for 2022:  Protected Persons under subsection 95 (2) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada), as of the respective deadlines of the aforementioned programs, are now eligible to apply.


A YouTube tutorial is available for assistance with applying for the scholarship:  PGS D, CGS D and PDF online system tutorial - YouTube

1. Student logs in to NSERC's on-line system and completes Form 201 according to the NSERC instructions.  New users must register before creating an application on-line.

 2.  Student provides official and up-to-date transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate studies to the department.  These are uploaded to the student's scholarship application by the department (normally the graduate secretary).  

 3. Students select two referees and provides each referee's contact information as part of the application process.  The referees complete the forms through NSERC's on-line system. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that the references are submitted in time to meet the September 22, 2021 application deadline.

4.  Once all of the required documentation has been supplied as part of the on-line application students "submit" their application electronically by the deadline of Wednesday, September 22, 2021 so that it is available for review on-line.  

IMPORTANT - it is the student's responsibility to ensure that all the documents are compete and legible once uploaded, including the transcripts that have been uploaded by the department.  Applicants must ensure that the application is complete by reviewing the final version of the online application before it is submitted on-line through the NSERC portal.

 5. The Graduate Studies Office will forward all completed applications to departments for review as soon as possible after the application deadline.

 6. Departments submit a completed ranking sheet to the Graduate Studies Office by 12:00 noon on Wednesday, October 13, 2021.


Official and up-to-date transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate studies are (including the transcript legend) are scanned and uploaded in pdf format by the department in the "Transcripts-University" page of each student's application.   If official transcripts are not available, unofficial transcripts will be accepted, applicants should note that submission of an application will continue to serve as a formal attestation that they provided true, complete, accurate information in the application and its related documents. NSERC may contact administrative staff at your institution in order to certify that the contents of the submitted transcripts are true, complete, and accurate. NSERC may follow up with applicants directly to request official transcripts at a later date.

 Students will not have grades for Fall 2021; however, if they are registered for Fall they are required to upload an official UWindsor transcript showing their registration.  If this is not included the application will be deemed incomplete and will not be considered.

 The following process should be followed:
1. Each department should nominate one person in the department (e.g., the graduate secretary) who will be responsible for collecting, scanning, and uploading students' transcripts. 
2. The department must inform each applicant of the first and last name as well as the e-mail address of the departmental designate. 
3. The applicants will then enter the designate’ s information on the University Transcripts page of their application. Upon saving, an e-mail will be generated by the system and sent to the designate. Once the transcripts are uploaded by the departmental designate, they will be attached to the application.


It is important the referees follow the instructions when completing the NSERC reference.  All students sent forward for an NSERC scholarship are excellent and the reference letter may make the difference between a student being selected, or not selected.  


Refer to the selection criteria and weights against which applications will be assessed.  Departments should use these when reviewing and ranking the applications in the department.

The University of Windsor’s quota of applications is 10.

If you have any questions, please contact