Why Humanities? 2018 Competition Winner

Why Humanities? Competition

Photo above: 2018 finalist Andrei Ungurenasu reciting his excellent spoken word entry.

This year our question was, “Why do the Humanities matter in times of crisis?”

The HRG would like to congratulate all who entered in the 2020 "Why do the Humanities matter in times of crisis." 

Congratulations to the 2020 winner Mina Wiebe from the Department of English and Creative Writing

Congratulations to the 4 finalists:

  • Abigail Daniel
  • Gabriella Krystia
  • Alex-Andrei Ungurenasu
  • Ruby Urlocker

Thanks to the Office of the President and Office of the Provost's generous support for sponsoring this award.

Why Humanities? Competiton 2019 Fall Winner:  Meg Mooney

Congratulations also go out to our Fall 2019 finalists:

  • Alexander MacKenzie
  • Julienne Rousseau
  • Emma Grant
  • Katrina Bahnam


The Humanities are defined as the study and expression of human experience and meaning via philosophy, literature, history, the arts, religion, politics, language, et cetera…

Make a case for the Humanities and why it matters in a text (up to 500 words) or video (up to 2 minutes).  Entries can be in any genre (an essay, rant, song, poem, audio, video, spoken word…). The winner will be chosen by a panel of the HRG Advisory Board, and the prize will go to the most persuasive, original, inspired, and creative entry.
Finalists in the 2018 edition of the Why Humanities? Competition at Pizza with the Prez
Photo: Some of the finalists and their family members at Pizza with the Prez 2018.
Thanks to President Rob Gordon, the Office of the President, and the Office of the Provost for sponsoring this competition!