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Workplace Wellness Challenge

From December 1 to December 12, employees participated in the 12 Days of Giving & Kindness Challenge. This challenge has been designed with our students in mind and aims at helping the Campus Food Pantry, run by the University of Windsor Students’ Alliance, keep their shelves stocked over the holidays with non-perishable food items as well as hygiene products and warm accessories.

How to participate?

  • No registration is required! Your department is encouraged to participate as a team.
  • Pick a common area that all members can access (it can be a lunchroom, kitchenette, someone’s office) where you will put a donation box (any box will work - small box, big box, plastic box, cardboard box, Xerox paper box, bankers box, etc.).
  • Select a Team Captain.
Team Captain 
  • Download the 12 Days of Giving & Kindness tracking card (instructions are also included on page 2), which lists a suggested donation item on each weekday and an act of kindness on a weekend.
  • Print and place the challenge card near the donation box.
  • At the end of the challenge, on December 12 tally up your points and submit your tracking card to employeeexperience@uwindsor.ca by December 14. We will contact you to arrange the box pick up time (we will come to you!).


What are the points for and how to count them?

Points will be used to count how many items we gathered, and the results will be announced in the Daily News. Counting points is easy – 1 donated item = 1 point. Please note that all we ask is for you to put 1 item into your 12 Days of Giving & Kindness box but if you want to donate more, you can certainly do so! All donated items will go to UWindsor Campus Food Pantry!

Challenge Winners

True winners of this challenge are our students, who, through your kindness, will have a peace of mind this holiday season. But to thank you for your contributions, all participating departments will be entered into a draw for one of 2 gift packages:
  1. Departmental/Team Fitness Package, sponsored by the Athletics & Recreational Services
  2. Departmental/Team Coffee Break, sponsored by the Department of Human Resources

Have questions or need more information?

Connect with us at employeeexperience@uwindsor.ca or oligat@uwindsor.ca