Service Excellence

Service Excellence Training Program

Service excellence is about all employees working together to create a consistent and exceptional service experience across campus. Our daily interactions with students, colleagues, alumni, donors and other stakeholders matter. The Service Excellence Training Program has been designed to support individuals and teams in the achievement of the Service Excellence Vision and to put the Service Excellence Standards in action.

Overview of Workshop Opportunities Offered Through the Annual Professional Development Calendar:

At the University of Windsor, we believe that excellent service experiences will reinforce our commitment of putting students first, foster a culture of support and success across campus and strengthen our reputation of being a welcoming campus. This session will provide an overview of the Service Excellence Vision and Service Excellence Standards as well as general guidelines for in-person, over the telephone and online communication. It will also highlight practical tips for using inclusive language, providing accessible customer service and enhancing cross-cultural communication.
Service excellence is about all employees working together to create a consistent and exceptional service experience across campus. This session will explore popular communication styles and their impact on the service interaction. It will also highlight effective communication strategies for demonstrating respect, empathy and a caring attitude.
Demonstrating proactive listening, asking the right questions, providing informative explanations and engaging the student/stakeholder in the problem-solving process are key to providing exceptional service. This session will highlight practical tips and techniques for identifying needs and applying critical thinking to solve problems.
Part of delivering exceptional service requires managing challenging service interactions. This session will explore the role that one’s emotions/perspectives play in managing these interactions as well as highlight practical steps and communication strategies to de-escalate the situation and provide a positive service experience.
Attending university is an exciting and dynamic experience but can also be a time of significant challenges. This session will explore the signs and possible indicators that a student may be struggling, techniques that you can use to help students in that moment, how and where to make a referral and other resources available.

The University of Windsor provides services to students/stakeholders with diverse identities and perspectives. This panel presentation has been designed to foster appreciation for and commitment to honoring diversity and inclusion in service interactions. The panel presentation will highlight: Inclusive language, Cross-cultural communication, Indigenous centered services, Accessible customer service and Anti-racism, black lives and service delivery.


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Coming Winter 2021 - Details to Follow

 As part of the University's commitment to supporting a service excellence culture:

  • A Service Excellence Essentials online module will be introduced as a mandatory session for staff and managers/supervisors and added to the Employee Mandatory Training portal.

  • Two sessions will be introduced for managers/supervisors: Empowering Employees to Deliver Excellent Service and Service Improvement Tools

  • A training completion recognition component will be introduced to recognize employees and departments for their commitment to service excellence.