Service Excellence

Service Excellence Working Group

Thank you to the members of the Service Excellence Working Group for their commitment to service excellence and their outstanding contributions to this inititative.

  • Marcela Ciampa, Human Resources, Working Group Facilitator/Project Lead
  • Elizabeth Felet, Office of the Registrar
  • Lisa Fransen, Odette School of Business
  • Kerry Gray, Odette School of Business
  • Chris Lanoue, Financial Services
  • Kristen Morris, Office of Experiential Learning
  • Sandra Ondracka, Athletics & Recreational Services
  • Christine Quaglia, Office of the Student Experience
  • Karen Pillon, Leddy Library
  • Marcin Pulcer, Information Technology Services
  • Ritch Routley, Student Ancillary Services
  • Zora Savic, Office of Enrolment Management
  • Mike Wilcox, Facility Services, Operations