Dr. Jerry H. Sokolowski

Dr. Jerry H. Sokolowski

Dr. Jerry H. Sokolowski holds a Ph.D. in metallurgical sciences from the Technical University in Silesia, Poland.

He has extensive professional experience in both industry and academia beginning with a position as a Research/Process Engineer at the National Institute of Iron Metallurgy and as Assistant Professor, Manager at the Foundry Institute at the Technical University in Gliwice, Poland. Prior to coming to Canada, Dr. Sokolowski published ~80 scientific papers, was granted 5 patents and co-wrote 3 student textbooks.

Dr. Sokolowski came to Canada in 1981 as a Research Technologist at the Institute for Materials Research at McMaster University, from where he moved to a position as an R&D and Process Engineer at CAE Diecast Ltd. In 1985, he served as a Research Scientist and as a Supervisor at the Alcan International Arvida R&D Centre. In 1988, he accepted a role with Stelco Technology as a Supervisor in Materials Characterization followed by a Senior Research Engineer position with Dofasco Research Centre.

In 1993, Dr. Sokolowski joined the University of Windsor as Professor of Mechanical, Automotive & Materials Engineering where he has specialized in the development and commercialization of casting, heat treatment and machining technologies for aluminium and magnesium components, as well as the development and commercialization of novel technology platforms for engineering of high-performance materials, processes and components and their advanced characterization.

Dr. Sokolowski leads the Light Metals Casting Technology (LMCT) Research Group (formerly the NSERC/Ford-Nemak/University of Windsor Industrial Research Chair in Light Metals Casting Technology) established at the University of Windsor in 1993. The purpose of the LMCT is the generation and implementation of innovative metal casting related materials and processes into industry and the fostering of a solid relationship between the University of Windsor, global and domestic industry and granting agencies that also provide opportunities for academic training including Postdoctoral Fellows and students.

Since 2001, the AUTO21 Network has provided financial support of ~$1.4 Million to the Light Metals Casting Group and Dr.Sokolowski has acted as a Project Leader for the AUTO21 NCE projects in light metals casting and has worked with the Ford Motor Co. Ltd. and NEMAK of Canada and their suppliers. Dr. Sokolowski will be the Project Leader for a new 2 year AUTO21 Project focusing on Lightweight Cast Components and Magnesium Recycling. The LMCT Group has also conducted contract research projects for the Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd. and for the Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. in Japan and has been involved in several international collaborations with academia/industry including the USCAR consortium.

The LMCT Group has received approximately $12 Million Dollars from NEMAK, Ford, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), and the University of Windsor for academic and applied research. Research conducted by the LMCT team has resulted in acknowledged savings for NEMAK, Ford and their suppliers of over $100 million for selected industrial projects. Research has also been conducted on the development of new materials and processes as well as on unique on-line sensors and technology platforms. These platforms primarily address aluminum and magnesium applications and are available for purchase, contract research projects and for professional training of highly skilled engineering experts and researchers worldwide.

Two innovative technology platforms have been patented: “Method and Apparatus for Metallurgical Simulation and Analysis(UMSA)” (US Patent No. 7,354,491), (Canadian Patent #2,470,127) and the “Electromagnetic Method and Apparatus for Treatment of Engineering Materials, Products and Related Processes (IESV)” (US Patent No. 7,255,828).

Dr. Sokolowski is the Foundry Educational Foundation (FEF) Key Professor for the University of Windsor and in 2006 was appointed a Fellow of the World Academy of Materials and Manufacturing Engineering (AMME) for outstanding achievements in scientific research.

Dr. Sokolowski and the LMCT Group have submitted ~500 confidential and contract research reports to Ford, Nemak, Alcan, Alcoa, Yamaha, Nissan and other corporations and have published ~135 peer-reviewed papers in refereed journals and in conference proceedings.