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Bryan Loucks

Bryan Loucks

Sessional Instructor of Indigenous Legal Traditions

Wassayshikung, Waubshayshii - Marten Clan, Anishinaabe Nation, Member Hiawatha First Nation, Rice Lake (near Peterborough)

Bryan Loucks is member of Trent University Indigenous Studies Ph.D Council and Research Ethics Committee.

At Walpole Island First Nation (on the St. Clair River north of Windsor) where he resides, he is an active member of the community, a father of five (5) sons and Mishoo (grandfather).

At this time he facilitates a community/culture based program for adults with the assistance of community resource people and elders at Walpole Island.

Prof. Loucks has an undergraduate degree in Psychology (Western) and a graduate degree and doctoral studies in Adult Education (Toronto) with a focus on cultural revitalization, Indigenous learning, ethics, epistemology, and decolonization.

His areas of expertise include Indigenous adult education, cross-cultural and community-based learning and research, curriculum development, partnership engagement, and Indigenous knowledge/wellness.

As an educator, facilitator, consultant and researcher, Prof. Loucks has worked with national, provincial, regional, local Indigenous/non Indigenous governmental, education, social service, enforcement, and health agencies and organizations. He has taught college, undergraduate, and graduate degree courses at various higher education institutions across Ontario.

“Without gratefulness there can be no happiness”

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