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(Resolved) Intermittent network outages due to DNS issues

UPDATE: Issue has been resolved as of the evening of Wednesday, September 23rd.


The University is experiencing network outages due to intermittent failures of the domain naming service (DNS) on campus. IT Services staff are investigating the issue in concert with our vendor support partner.

DNS is used to translate friendly web names (like to network addresses so your computer can connect to the server. Symptoms of the problem include not being able to connect to Outlook, cannot browse websites on the Internet, unavailability of campus resources like Blackboard or UWinsite, or not able to remote desktop to on-campus computers. Other services may be partially available or functioning abnormally.

There have been outages overnight Sep 22 and Sep 23, as well as two outages during the afternoon Sep 23.

If you wish to report an issue, please contact the IT ServiceDesk at ext 4440.