Dr. Marliese Kimmerle

Dr. Marliese Kimmerle

Associate Professor Emerita

E-mail: kimmerl@uwindsor.caDr. Marliese Kimmerle
Phone : (519) 253 - 3000 ext: 


B.A., B.P.H.E. (Queens)
M.A. (Michigan)
Ph.D. (Michigan)

Dr. Kimmerle, although retired as of September 1st, 2007, is still actively involved in research in Lifespan Motor Development, Skill Acquisition, Laterality Issues and Dance. She combined her motor learning and development interests with an extensive background in dance education in a text, "Teaching dance skills: A motor learning and motor development perspective". Her interest in lateral preference and functional asymmetry has taken her from examining manual skills in infants, to dominance transfer in hand injured workers and bilateral transfer of dance sequences. Her ongoing research project is to study participation in dance as physical activity for older waomen. One of her community service projects has been to establish an information site for dance activities in Windsor. www.shallwedance@uwindsor.ca

Key Scholarly Activities:


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