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From Jonathan Graniero and Teanna Kavanagh
HK Society Co-Presidents

Welcome Class of 2024, and congratulations on being accepted into the University of Windsor’s Kinesiology undergraduate program. We could not be more thrilled to have you here, and it is our pleasure to welcome you into the program! You are about to embark on one of the most exciting, and also life-changing, years of your lives while being surrounded by some of the most kind-hearted and passionate professors in Canada. Over your next four years in the Kinesiology program, you will learn more about yourself and the world every day, you will make memories and friendships that will last a lifetime, and work towards personal growth. Once you step foot into the Kinesiology building for the first time, you will become a part of our “HK Family.” We will not spoil what that means, as you will find out soon enough how close-knit the students, staff, and faculty are. There is always an open-door policy, and no request will ever be overlooked.

Every member of the Human Kinetics Society (HKS) is committed to bringing each individual student the best undergraduate experience possible and strives to create an environment in which each of you will feel safe to discover new things. Year round, HKS organizes events with the goal of providing a fun break from academics. Whether it be by providing complimentary food days, social gatherings, or an HKS member that will listen to you during your time of need, HKS will always have your back. We are committed to providing you with the resources you need to succeed and opportunities to enhance your university experience. The faculty of Human Kinetics takes pride in all the successes of its students, whether they be academic, athletic, or any other kind of success. We stress the importance of having a well-balanced lifestyle, including proper physical and mental health, in order to thrive.

The HK program allows you to learn about the many aspects of health and see the value in taking breaks to focus on you. Hangout with your friends on a Friday night! Go play that sport that your friends have been encouraging you to try! Send that first text to that special someone! Never forget to enjoy the little things during your undergraduate career because it will fly by with the blink of an eye. Whether you are a fourth-year veteran, or an incoming student who is nervous to start their first day, we encourage each and every one of our students to get involved with something they are passionate about in order to enrich their university experience. With a plethora of options for involvement, including participating in research, joining a
sports team as a player or manager, joining a club on campus, applying for international exchange, or becoming a part of HKS, there is without a doubt something for everyone! It is truly our belief that the sky is the limit, and we would love nothing more than to see all of you reach your full potential. We cannot stress enough that we hope you do not give up if at first you do not succeed in what you choose to pursue. Staff and faculty, HKS members, and your peers are always willing to help – you just need to voice your concerns! After all, the master has failed more times than the apprentice has tried, and we can only grow by learning from failure. Lastly, do not be afraid Class of 2024! Step out of your comfort zone, join that club, go on that trip, spend those extra hours studying, never be afraid to try a second time, and save time for your physical and mental health. We believe in the open-door policy, and therefore we will always be available to you for anything you need. Once again, congratulations to you all, Class of 2024, and may your University of Windsor Kinesiology experience be everything you hope it will be!
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Jonathan Graniero and Teanna Kavanagh
Human Kinetics Society Co-Presidents

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