Dr. Jennifer Voth

Adjunct Faculty

E-mail: jennifer.voth@hdgh.org
Phone: (519) 253 - 3000
Office: H.K. Building, Room 113


PhD (University of Windsor)
MA (University of Windsor)
BA (Hon.) (Western)


Jennifer joined the Department of Kinesiology as an Adjunct Assistant Professor in July 2020 and has been working full-time at Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare (HDGH) since January 2018 as a Research Associate in the Research & Evaluation Services Department. Prior to her position at HDGH, she spent five years as a Statistical Analyst and Research Consultant at the University Health Network in Toronto collaborating with multidisciplinary research teams on rehabilitation, health services, and health policy research projects. Jennifer taught the Quantitative Methods in Kinesiology course in 2016 using her background in statistical modeling, research design and methodology and has mentored a number of HK students during their internship placements at HDGH. She holds a Master’s and PhD in Social Psychology from the University of Windsor and is actively involved in publishing research in the areas of rehabilitation sciences, health services, and system performance.

Areas of Research Interest:

  • Rehabilitation and restorative care for adults with chronic disease
  • Policy development and implementation
  • Evidence-based health program development and planning
  • Children and youth mental health


Recent Funding Sources:

Hussain M, Jackson M, Voth J,  Burke B. Redesigning Primary Care to Deliver Integrated, Urgent Mental Health and Addictions Services Outside of the Emergency Department during COVID-19; Canadian Medical Association Foundation 2020-2021 ($81,200)

Voth J, MacDougall L, & Jaber L. The Psychological Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Healthcare workers in Windsor-Essex County. WE-SPARK Igniting Discovery Grants Program: Rapid Response COVID-19. April 2020.

McGowan CM (co-PI), Voth J (co-PI), Milne K, Petro J, Wood C, Suskin N, Keteyian S, Reubenfire M, & Brawner C. Comparing Cardiac Rehabilitation Models of Care in the Great Lakes Central Region to Maximize Patient Standard of Care and Outcome. Partners in Research Seed Grant. $10,000.00. March 2019.

Fox S (co-PI), Liem N (co-PI), El Masri M, Voth J, & Karb J. Evaluating the effectiveness of hospital- and home-based outpatient rehabilitation services for stroke survivors in the Windsor-Essex community. Partners in Research Seed Grant. $10,000.00 March 2019.

Key Scholarly Activities:

  1. Voth J, Petro J, Mallender M, Bridgen S, Mannan S, Jackson M, & Liem N (2019).  A preliminary analysis of a home-based stroke rehabilitation program in Windsor, Ontario. Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences.

  2. Furlan AD, Zhao J, Voth J, Hassan S, Dubin R, Stinson JN, Jaglal SB, Fabico R, Smith AJ, Taenzer P, & Flannery JF (2018). Evaluation of an innovative educational intervention in chronic pain management for primary care clinicians practicing in underserved urban and rural Ontario. Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare.

  3. Cameron JE, Voth J, Guilcher SJT, Salbach NM, Hawker GA, & Jaglal SB (2018). “In this Together”: Social Identification Predicts Health Outcomes (via Self-Efficacy) in a Chronic Disease Self-Management Program. Social Science & Medicine.

  4. Jaglal SB, Voth J, Guilcher SJT, Ho C, Noonan VK, McKenzie N, Cronin S,, Thorogood NP, & Craven BC. (2018). Creation of an algorithm to identify non-traumatic spinal cord disorder patients in Canada using administrative health data. Topics in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation.