Dr. Kristy Smith

Kristy Smith

Laboratory Instructor

a person with long hair in a dark polo shirtE-mail: Kristy.Smith@uwindsor.ca
Phone: (519) 253-3000 ext: 4276
Office: HK 121



Ph.D. (University of Windsor)
MHK (University of Windsor)
BHK (Co-op, University of Windsor)

Dr. Smith has taught several courses in the department since 2012.  Her current research interests include athlete development, physical activity participation across the lifespan, and factors that contribute to positive sport experiences for youth.  She has presented her work at national/international conferences and published in a variety of journals, including Sports Medicine, Frontiers in Sport and Active Living, High Ability Studies, and the Journal of Aging Research.  Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family, travelling, and spectating/participating in various sport events.

Areas of Research Interest

  • Athlete development
  • Physical activity participation across the lifespan
  • Factors in positive sport experiences for youth


Selected Publications

Smith, K.L., Bélanger, M., Chittle, L., Dixon, J.C., Horton, S., & Weir, P. (2022).  Does relative age influence organized sport and unorganized physical activity participation in a cohort of adolescents.  Sports, 10(7), 97.

Smith, K.L. & Weir, P.L. (2022).  An examination of relative age and athlete dropout in female developmental soccer.  Sports, 10(5), 79.  

Kelly, A.L., Till, K., Finnegan, L. & Smith, K.L. (2022).  Relative age effects: Looking back and looking ahead.  In Kelly, A.L. (Ed.).  Talent identification and development in youth soccer: Considerations for researchers and practitioners.  Routledge, UK.

Smith, K.L., Scarfone, S., Chittle, L., Horton, S., & Dixon, J.C. (2021).  Confusion reigns: An analysis of responses to U.S. Soccer age cut-off date policy change.  Frontiers in Sports and Active Living, 3, 635195. 

Smith, K.L. & Weir, P.L. (2020).  Female youth soccer participation and continued engagement: Associations with community size, community density, and relative age.  Frontiers in Sports and Active Living, 2, 552597.

Smith, K.L. & Weir, P.L. (2020).  Late birthday benefits: The ‘Underdog Hypothesis.’  In Dixon, J.C., Horton, S., Chittle, L., & Baker, J. (Eds.).  Relative age effects in sport: International perspectives.  Routledge, London.

Weir, P.L., van Wyk, P.M., Smith, K.L., Deneau, J., & Horton, S. (2020). Aging and involvement in sport and physical activity. In Crocker, P. (Ed).  Sport and exercise psychology: A Canadian perspective (4th Edition).  Pearson, Toronto.

Smith, K.L., Weir, P., Till, K., Romann, M., & Cobley, S. (2018).  Relative age effects across and within female sport contexts: A systematic review and meta-analysis.  Sports Medicine, 48(6), 1451-1478.