Dr. Todd Loughead

Dr. Todd Loughead


Email: loughead@uwindsor.caDr. Todd Loughead
Phone : (519) 253 - 3000 ext:2450
Office: H.K. Building, Room 134

Sport and Exercise Psychology Laboratory 

Ph.D. (The University of Western Ontario )
M.Sc. (University of Toronto)
B.Ed. (Brock University)
B.Sc. (University of Ottawa)

Dr. Loughead is a faculty member in the area of sport and exercise psychology. Dr. Loughead’s research uses a group dynamics perspective to examine human behaviour. Specifically, his interests are investigating cohesion in sport teams and exercise groups and how cohesion affects other variables, such as athlete satisfaction, leadership, exercise adherence, motivation, and future participation. As well, he is interested in the influence of athlete leadership in sport and how it affects team functioning. His research also examines various aspects of team building interventions such as the effectiveness of team goal setting. Finally, Dr. Loughead is also investigating the psychosocial variables that influence aggression levels in hockey and its effect on enjoyment and participation. Dr. Loughead is a member of the Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP), the Canadian Society for Psychomotor Learning and Sport Psychology (SCAPPS), and the North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity (NASPSPA).

Research Interests
The effects of cohesion in sport and exercise
The influence of athlete leadership on team effectiveness
The effects of team building in sport
The impact of aggression in ice hockey

Current Research Funding
1. The development of an inventory to measure athlete leadership (SSHRC)
2. The development and implementation of a team building intervention for youth sport coaches (SSHRC)

Key Scholarly Activities
Eys, M. A., Loughead, T. M., Bray, S. R., & Carron, A. V. (2009). Development of a cohesion questionnaire for youth: The Youth Sport Environment Questionnaire. Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology, 31, 390-408.

Senécal, J., Loughead, T. M., & Bloom, G. A. (2008). A season-long team-building intervention program: Examining the effect of team goal setting on cohesion. Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology, 30, 186-199.

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Loughead, T. M., Patterson, M. M., & Carron, A. V. (2008). The impact of fitness leader behavior and cohesion on an exerciser’s affective state. International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 6, 53-68.