Dr. Marge Holman

Dr. Marge Holman

Professor Emerita

E-mail: holman@uwindsor.caDr. Marge Holman
Phone : (519) 253 - 3000 ext: 2436
Office: H.K. Building, Room 118

Sport Management

B.A. (University of Windsor)
B.P.H.E. (University of Windsor)
M.Ed. (Wayne State University)
Ph.D. (Michigan State University)

Dr. Holman brings to the Sport Management group a very distinguished and diverse background in teaching, coaching, and administration. A well respected university volleyball coach for over 21 years, she has taken this experience to the community. Her combined passions for volleyball and enhancing opportunities for girls and women in sport have motivated her work for the development of youth league volleyball in Windsor-Essex County. While doing this, she has recruited females to assume coaching and administrative roles. Dr. Holman's current teaching and research focuses on the social and legal contexts of sport. From her administrative experience in sport and employment equity, she continues to work with a community group called Leadership for Advancing Women in Sport (LAWS), dedicated to furthering opportunities for females in the sport environment. Dr. Holman is the recipient of numerous awards over her career including City of Windsor woman of the Year and Olympic Torch Medal, OWIAA Coach of the Year (Volleyball) on three occasions, and the University of Windsor's President's Employment Equity Award.

Key Scholarly Activities:

1. Holman, Margery. (submitted 2004). dealing with adults: An administrators response to consensual relationships in athletics. Journal of Legal Aspects of sport.

2. Holman, Margery and Jay Johnson. (Eds.). Making the team: Inside the world of sport initiations and hazing. Toronto: Canadian Scholars' Press Inc. (Accepted for 2004 Fall Publication).

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5. Holman, Margery, Rebecca Mowrey, and Dan Bondy. Turning conflict into cooperation: Alternative dispute resolution. In M. Holman, D. Moriarty, and J. Forsyth (Eds.), Sports, fitness and the law: North American perspectives (Toronto: Canadian Scholars' Press, 2001). pp. 237 - 246