Dr. Krista Chandler


E-mail: chandler@uwindsor.caDr. Krista Chandler
Phone : (519) 253 - 3000 ext: 2446
Office: H.K. Building, Room 115

Sport and Exercise Psychology Laboratory 

B.A. (University of Prince Edward Island)
M.A. (Queen's University)
Ph.D (University of Western Ontario)


Dr. Krista Chandler has been a faculty member in the department since 1999. She teaches at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in the area of sport and exercise psychology. As a certified instructor in the fitness industry, Dr. Chandler has skillfully bridged the gap between the theoretical and applied practice of sport and exercise psychology. Dr. Chandler has published articles in a variety of scholarly journals including The Sport Psychologist, European Journal of Sport Sciences, Exercise and Sport Science Review, and the Journal of Applied Sport Psychology. In addition to her research, Dr. Chandler works with athletes of all ages, levels, and sport in helping them achieve their personal performance goals, working extensively with both able-bodied athletes and athletes with a disability.

Areas of Research Interest

  • Imagery use in sport, exercise and performance
  • The application of sport psychology interventions
  • Exercise and mental health
  • Disability sport

Current Research Funding

  1. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (2018-2022): The Effect of a Psychological Skills Training Program on Youth Athletes' with a Disability Well-being in Sport and Life
  2. UWindsor Strategic Mandate Agreement (2018-2021): UWorkItOut UWin
  3. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (2020-2024): The Effect of an Athlete Leadership Development Program for Student-Athletes

Key Scholarly Activities:

Martin, J., & Munroe-Chandler, K. J. (2015). The role of sport and physical activity in promoting the psychosocial well-being of military personnel with disabilities (pp. 72-83). Advances in psychology research. New York, New York: Nova Science.
Co-authored the first comprehensive review chapter on wounded warriors and the impact of sport and physical activity on their lives.

Hall, C. R., Munroe-Chandler, K. J., Fishburne, G., & Hall, N. D. (2009). The Sport Imagery Questionnaire for Children (SIQ-C). Measurement in Physical Education and Exercise Science, 13, 93-107.
Developed the leading measurement tool for children’s (7-14 yrs) use of imagery in sport.

Munroe-Chandler, K. J. & Hall, C. R. (2006-2020). Psychological interventions in sport (editions 1-4) In P. Crocker (Ed.), Introduction to sport psychology: A Canadian perspective. Toronto, ON: Pearson.
Contributed a chapter in the most widely used Canadian sport and exercise psychology text. Now in its third edition.

Munroe-Chandler, K. J. & Gammage, K. L. (2005). Now see this: A new vision of exercise imagery. Exercise and Sport Sciences Review, 33 (4), 201-205.
Invited paper outlining a conceptual model that has been widely used to drive subsequent research in the area of exercise imagery.

Munroe, K. J., Giacobbi, P. R., Hall, C. R., & Weinberg, R. S. (2000). The four w’s of imagery use: Where, when, why, and what? The Sport Psychologist, 14 (2), 119-137.
Developed a conceptual model of imagery use that is published in a number of sport psychology texts used in Canada and worldwide.