Human Kinetics Society

Human Kinetics Society

The Human Kinetics Society (HKS) is a student-led group created to give the undergraduate students the best experience possible.  We are committed to helping provide a positive atmosphere to enrich your university experience. We focus on creating an environment that fosters creativity, diversity, and exploration. We organize events throughout the year with the objective of providing fun breaks from academics.


2023-2024 Executive:A male and a female student with their thumbs up

President: Bradley Mangham- 4th Year Movement Science

Vice-President: Savannah Lohnes- 4th Year Movement Science

Treasurer: Kaden Joseph- 2nd Year Movement Science

Secretary: Molly Holmes- 4th Year Movement Science

Human Resources: Brian Tonkin- 4th Year Movement Science

Advertising Executive: Emma Martin- 4th Year Movement Science


1st-Year Reps:

Olivia Borrowman- Movement Science

Benjie Roberto- Movement Science

2nd-Year Reps:

A group of students stand arm in arm

Sophia Boucas- Movement Science

Harrison Sartor- Sport Management and Leadership

3rd-Year Reps:

Ria Garg- Movement Science

Moaz Elmontaser- Movement Science

4th-Year Reps:

A group of students in blue HK Society t-shirts stand in a stair well.

Emily Stanley- Movement Science

Jamie Biggar- Movement Science


Social Media Coordinator:

Meaghan Wilkie- 4th Year Movement Science


Social Events Coordinator:

Matt Tonkin- 4th Year Movement Science

Shahd Ayoub- 2nd Year Movement Science


Sponsorship Coordinator:

Marlene Nkombo- 4th Year Movement Science

Arvind Manila Valliyate- 2nd Year Movement Science


Equity, Diversion, and Inclusivity Coordinator:

Kesha Patel- 2nd Year Movement Science

A group of students in formal attire in a hotel lobby


Graphic Designer:

Simon Cahill- 4th year Movement Science


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