Dr. Sarah Gee

Associate Professor

Email: sgee@uwindsor.caDr. Sarah Gee
Phone: 519-253-3000 ext 2439
Office: H.K. Room 116

Research Areas: Alcohol and Sport (Consumption and Sponsorship), Gender in Sport Media (Advertising), Qualitative Methods

Ph.D. (University of Otago)
M.Sc. (Lakehead University)
H.B.K. (Lakehead University)


Dr. Gee spent 15 years at universities in New Zealand prior to joining the Department of Kinesiology in December 2017. Her current research addresses the intersection of three converging concerns of socio-cultural and political-economic significance for policymakers, sport managers and investors, and the public: alcohol sponsorship of sport; the consumption of alcohol in sport-related drinking cultures; and, the role of sports clubs and events as sites of social connections in cultural and civic life. Using qualitative methods, Dr. Gee conducts critical socio-contextual research that has been paramount in illuminating the complex and sophisticated link between alcohol and the entertainment package and experience of sports mega-events.

She has also done research related to gender issues in sport, in particular the representation of masculinity in sport-related media and the role of cultural intermediaries (advertising producers) in creating particular sport-related ads that use themes of masculinity.

Dr. Gee has been a Principal Investigator for research projects funded by external funding agencies in New Zealand, including: the Health Promotion Agency, Royal Society, and Palmerston North City Council, and she has been an Associate Investigator for an interdisciplinary project funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Health. In 2016, she was awarded an Early Career Research Medal for the College of Health at Massey University.

She has recently co-authored a book with Prof. Steve Jackson, entitled: Sport, Promotional Culture and the Crisis of Masculinity, and her research has been published in several international journals and disseminated at international conferences. Dr. Gee also serves as an expert adjunct reviewer for a number of international journals and she is a current Editorial Board member for Sociology of Sport Journal and Communication & Sport.

Key Scholarly Activities


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