Photo of the exterior of the new Lancer Centre and cutaway graphic

The Campaign

The Lancer Centre is a bold and ambitious project to enhance UWindsor’s reputation by promoting campus spirit and an exceptional student experience. With a renewed emphasis on health, fitness, and wellness we are ready to PLAY and to WIN. These state-of-art facilities will strengthen our ability to attract high calibre students, service the health initiatives of our community, and allow the university to achieve excellence in sport and recreation activities in the decades ahead.

Legend for top image:
  1. New Entry
  2. Lancer Commons
  3. Fitness Centre | 13,000 sqf
  4. Fitness Centre - Mezzanine Level
  5. Multipurpose Room
  6. 8 Lane - 25m Pool
  7. Triple Gymnasium | 1,929 spectator seating
  8. Alumni Lounge
  9. Concourse
  10. Lancer - St. Denis Centre Connection Link
  11. Dennis Fairall Fieldhouse

Leadership Committee  

Melissa Bishop-Nriagu, Dr. Andrea Steen and Dave Steen

Community Members
Jeff Flacks, Dennis Hastings, Richard Peddie, Sam Romano, Jake Rondot, Jean Wright

Dr. Robert Gordon, Dr. Jess Dixon, Mike Havey, Gemma Grey-Hall, Linda Andrejicka   

Construction and Design Partners
Architect: CS&P Architects, R. Craig Goodman, Principal
Project Manager: Colliers Project Leaders, Jayne Grills
General Contractor: EllisDon, Fortis Group

Our Priorities:

  1. Create a community space for students that blends academic, recreational, and social activities.
  2. Enhance UWindsor reputation by promoting campus spirit and an exceptional student experience.
  3. Create a facility in which high performance sport and recreational activities can co-exist.
  4. Increase capacity and diversity in our programs and activities.
  5. Widen the gateway between the University and the Windsor-Essex community