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The Business of Law: Start as You Plan to Continue 2/2

Saturday, June 27, 2020 to Sunday, June 28, 2020

"My understanding went way beyond learning how to plan a business, this course helped me become a strategist for my own success."  - 2019 participant

In Ontario, more than 75% of lawyers work in small or solo practice. Building and operating a small or solo law practice brings a mountain of challenges in a competitive market. Performing, leading, and managing every aspect of the business is unique to legal entrepreneurship and mistakes are common.  

This four-day program will give participants the skills and resources to launch their solo or start-up practice successfully. Each day will focus on a different element for a successful practice: The Idea, The Rules, The Innovation, and The Pitch. 

The Business of Law: Start as You Plan to Continue program will provide you with information and ideas to help you execute your vision and avoid common pitfalls. This program goes beyond simply inspiring you to start your practice. It will provide step by step guides on what you need, what to avoid, and who to connect with to turn your idea into a viable business strategy. Building a business from the ground up takes time, effort and expertise. 

"This program is undeniably an investment in your future. It provides a welcoming and safe space to really unpack a lot of the technical and imaginative elements of starting your own practice." - 2019 participant


Through readings, guest lectures, presentations and a practical assignment, this program will contextualize the key issues in running an ethical, professional, and viable small or sole practice… and following on the success of the 2019 offering, we can do it all remotely! Topics will include:

  • Best practices for Successful Practice Management, Advertising, Marketing & Branding, Insurance, Record Keeping and Client Service
  • Embracing and Embedding Technology into Your Practice, Cyber Threats & Protection, Organizing a Law Practice Less Dependent on Bricks & Mortar and more flexibility in the delivery of legal services
  • Entrepreneurship 101: Money, Investors, Capital, Insurance, IT, Office Space and Planning 
  • Leadership Training: Diversity, Inclusion, Wellness and Ethical Lawyering


  • $400 + HST (General Admission and Windsor Law Alumni Rate)
  • $300 + HST (Windsor Law Student Rate)

Register online: by May 15, 2020.

Questions? Contact Francine Herlehy