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Books and Monographs

Securing Dignity and Freedom with Human Rights: Article 22 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Martinus Nijhoff/Brill Publishers, 2012) 

Handbook on Human Rights in Situations of Conflict (Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights, 1997), ISBN 0-929293-35-5 (with support of The McKnight Foundation) 

In Search of Asylum: Vietnamese Refugees in Hong Kong (Indochina Resource Action Center, 1988) (legal analysis of detention and rights of asylum seekers) 

Chapters in Books

Responsibility of the United Nations, in The Rule of Law and Its Application to the United Nations (C. Feinaugle, ed., Max Planck Institute, Luxembourg, 2016)

Pluralism and privatisation in transnational labour law: the International Labour Organization experience, in Research Handbook on Transnational Labour Law (A. Blackett and A. Trebilcock, eds. Edward Elgar Research Handbook Series, 2015)

Social Justice, Rights, and the International Labour Movement, in Oxford Handbook of Human Rights (D. Shelton, ed., Oxford University Press, 2013)

Taking account of human values in the international economic order: the role and contribution of the Legal Counsel, in International Economic Organizations and Law (A. Qureshi and X. Gao, eds., Kluwer, 2012) 

Trade and Labour II, in McCrory, P. and Appleton, A., eds., The World Trade Organization: Legal, Economic and Political Analysis, Vol. II, chapter 60, 597-621 (Springer, 2005) 

Globalization, values, and international law in the world of work, in Les normes internationales du travail: un patrimoine pour l’avenir, 645- 657 (ILO, 2004) 

UN Sanctions: The ILO Experience, in Gowland-Debbas, V., ed., United Nations Sanctions and International Law,  Proceedings of Colloquium on UN Sanctions and International Law, Geneva, 197-204 (Kluwer Law International, 2001)

Social conduct in transnational enterprise operations: the role of the International Labour Organization, in Blanpain, R., ed., Multinational Enterprises and the Social Challenges of the XXIst Century, 17-28 (Kluwer Law, 2000) 

The National Convention in Burma (Myanmar) in Carey, P., ed., Burma: The Challenge of Change in a Divided Society (Macmillan 1997)


International Labour Law and the Challenge of Pluralism in the International Order, 10 Manchester Journal of International Economic Law 128-147 (Issue 2, 2013) 

Private Standardization in Public International Lawmaking, 33 Michigan Journal of International Law 481-536 (Spring 2012) (pre-publication version)

Three Challenges Facing International Labour Law, in Proceedings of 102nd Annual Meeting of the American Society of International Law (2007)

On the Possibilities and Limitations of NGO Participation in International Law:  Corporate Applications, Proceedings of 95th Annual Meeting of the American Soc. of International Law (2001) 

A social conscience in the global marketplace: labour dimensions of codes of conduct, social labelling and investor initiatives, 138 International Labour Review 99 (1999) 

Child Labor and Trade: Toward a Harmonization of International Law, 91 American Journal of International Law 663 (1997) (with David A. Levy), reprinted in Barbara Stark, Human Rights and Children (E. Elgar, 2016)

Constitutional Reform in a Repressive State: The Case of Burma, XXXIII Asian Survey 393 (1993) 

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Multinational Enterprise, 73 Georgetown Law Journal 1465-98 (1985)