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Professional Activities

Selected cases as Counsel before International tribunals and mechanisms

Administrative Tribunal of the International Labour Organization (independent tribunal for staff complaints): represented the ILO in diverse cases on appeals by staff members since 2005.

Forced Labour in Myanmar (Burma), Appendix I to Report of the Commission of Inquiry appointed under article 26 of the Constitution of the International Labour Organization to examine the observance by Myanmar of the Forced Labour Convention,1998 .

Blake Case, Preliminary Exceptions, Judgment of July 2, 1996, Inter-American Court of Human Rights (Ser. C) No. 27 (1996), reprinted in 1996 Annual Report IACHR [97], OEA/Ser.L/V/III.35, doc. 4 (1997).

Raquel Martín de Mejía v. Perú, Case 10.970, Report No. 5/96, Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, OEA/Ser.L/V/II.91 Doc. 7 at 157 (1996).

Report No. 5/95, Case 11.219 (Guatemala), Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, OEA/Ser.L/V/11.88, Doc. 17 (February 15, 1995).

U.N. Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (United States of America) concerning 192 Haitian Detainees subject to Administrative Detention at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, U.N. Doc. E/CN.4/1994/27, para. 15 (1993).  

U.N. Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, Decision No. 48/1993 (United States of America) concerning Humberto Alvarez Machain, U.N. Doc. E/CN.4/1994/27 (1993), pp. 135-140. 

UNESCO Committee on Conventions and Recommendations under its procedure laid down by 104 EX/Decision 3.3. 20 communications in cases of detention in Afghanistan, China, Cuba, Kenya, Morocco, Myanmar, South Korea, Tibet, Tunisia, and Vietnam. 

Selected cases as Amicus Curiae on international law questions

Abebe-Jiri v. Negewo, 72 F.3d 844 (11th Cir. 1996) - named amicus

Jaffe v. Snow, 114 S.Ct. 2724 (1994) - for amicus International Human Rights Law Group

Sale v. Haitian Centers Council, Inc., 113 S.Ct. 2549 (1993) – co-counsel for amicus IHRLG

Saudi Arabia v. Nelson, 113 S.Ct. 1471 (1993) – co-counsel for amicus IHRLG

United States v. Alvarez-Machain, 112 S.Ct. 2188 (1992) co-counsel for amicus IHRLG

INS v. Doherty, 112 S.Ct. 719 (1992) –co-counsel for amicus IHRLG

Haitian Centers Council, Inc. v. McNary, 969 F.2d 1326 (2d Cir. 1992) - co-counsel for named amicus

Linder v. Calero-Portocarrero, 963 F.2d 332 (11th Cir. 1992) – co-counsel for amicus IHRLG

EEOC v. Arabian-American Oil Co., 111 S. Ct. 1227 (1991) – co-counsel for amicus IHRLG

Exceptions to the Exhaustion of Domestic Remedies, Advisory Opinion OC-11/90, August 10, 1990, Inter-American Court on Human Rights (Ser. A) No. 11 (1990) – co-counsel for amicus IHRLG on Request for Advisory Opinion

Presentations from 2000 to date (selected)

Canadian Council on International Law, Annual Conference, Ottawa, November 2015, Panel speaker (pre-recorded video):  Transnational Labour Law: More Coherence than Chaos? Le droit du travail transnational: plus de coherence que de chaos?

Labour Law Research Network, Second bi-annual Conference, Amsterdam, June 2015, Panel speaker: ILO Trajectories

The Rule of Law and Its Application to the United Nations, Luxembourg, September 2014, Max Planck Institute, Responsibility of the UN (presenter); Human Rights and the Rule of Law (commentator); The UN and (Internal) Administration of Justice (Chair)

Towards a legally-binding instrument on transnational business and human rights, Geneva, March 2014, UN Human Rights Council Side Event, Panel (for the ILO)

Korea University School of Law, Seoul, April 2013, International Labour Law and Contemporary Challenges within the context of the work of the International Labour Organization

University of Manchester, School of Law, Conference on International Economic Law and Institutions, July 2011, Law and the Legal Counsel in the International Labour Organization

American Society of International Law, International Economic Law Interest Section, Biennial Conference, November 2010, The Role of Private Standardization in International Law

American Society of International Law, Annual Meeting, Washington, March 2007, Three Challenges Facing International Labour Law

United Nations and Brookings Institution, Vienna, September 2006, Legislative Manual for Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement, Employment, Economic Activities and Social Protection

Italian Society of International Law, Annual Meeting, Rome, June 2004, Possible Solutions to the International Problem of Migration: IGOs, Governments, NGOs

International Industrial Relations Association, Chapter meeting, Geneva, July 2004, The Role of International Law in a Fair Globalization

Università della Svizzera Italiano, Conference, Economy, Society and Justice: Free Market, Lugano, February 2004, Social Values, Globalization and the ILO

UN Research Institute for Social Development, Conference on CSR and Development, Geneva, November 2003, Accountability and International Regulation of Transnational Corporations

Institut interdisciplinaire d’éthique et des droits de l’homme, Fribourg, November 2003, «Du Volontarisme à la Cohèrence : Les obligations des acteurs économiques à l’égard des droits humains,  Coherence, human rights and markets: The role of ILO standards

University of Zurich, Center for Comparative and International Studies, Zurich, October 2003, Taking Stock: Self-regulation in Theory and Practice, Social and Labour Standards

The Royal Institute of International Affairs, Conference, Legal Dimensions of Corporate Responsibility, London, November 2001, Companies and International Law

The American Society of International Law, Annual Meeting, Washington, April 2001, On NGO Participation in International Law and its Processes: Corporate Applications

World Summit for Social Development PrepCom, New York, April 2000, Integrating Social and Economic Development: The roles and responsibilities of public and private sector