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Kristen Thomasen Publications


Peer Reviewed

“Examining the Constitutionality of Robot Enhanced Interrogation” in Robot Law, Froomkin, M., Calo, R., Kerr, I. (eds) (Northampton: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2016).

Forthcoming/In Progress

“Flying Between the Lines: Drone Laws and the (Re)Production of Public Spaces” (forthcoming in Robotics and Autonomous Systems)

“Feminist Perspectives on Drone Regulation” (Paper to be Presented at We Robot, Conference on legal and policy issues relating to robotics, March 31-April 1, 2017)

“Driving Lessons: Learning from the Legal History of Automobile Safety to Inform Drone Privacy Regulation” (Paper Presented at We Robot, April 10, 2015)


“Drones Aren’t Planes: Using the Wrong Metaphor for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles can have Serious Policy Implications” (May 20, 2016) Slate Future Tense, 

“Drones in Canada: Who Can Regulate What? Or, Why Potatoes might be Good for Drone Regulation” (November 4, 2015) Centre for Law, Technology and Society, Blog Post,

“We Regulate Driving. Why not Droning?” (February 2, 2015) The Globe and Mail, Opinion Editorial,