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Research/External Funding

$125,000 grant from Climate Action Fund, Environment and Climate Change Canada (August 2019, with Patricia Galvao Ferreira).

$2400 grant from University of Windsor Centre for Teaching and Learning for project "Collaborative Canada-US Law Teaching" (April 2013).

Workshop full funding, Onati Centre for the Sociology of Law, "Indignation, Socio-economic Inequality and the Role of Law" (April 2013, with Jane Matthews Glenn and Veronique Fortin).  

One-term teaching release from University of Windsor Humanities Research Group for project "Expropriation for mega-projects" (May 2012).

$5500 grant from the Borden Ladner Gervais Research Fellowships for project "Expropriation for mega-projects: the example of the Windsor-Essex Parkway" (May 2012).

$4,400 grant from Foundation for Legal Research for project "Protecting home from the 'public interest': expropriation of residential property in Canada" (June 2009).

$16,000 grant from Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation for PhD research on housing and property rights of displaced persons (June 2004).