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Selected conference papers, seminars and lectures

  • "Secondary Occupation and the Columbian Experience" (17 June 2016) Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota (invited paper).
  • "Expropriation and Protecting Home: Comparative Perspectives" (20 June 2015) Radbout Universiteit, den Haag (invited paper).
  • "Urban Planning and the Public Interest in the Context of Post-Conflict Property Restitution" (4 June 2014) Canadian Association for Refugee and Forced Migration Studies (CARFMS) annual conference, Université de Montréal.
  • "Expropriation and socio-economically depressed neighbourhoods: the Canadian perspective" (10 June 2014).
  • "Expropriation and socio-economically depressed neighbourhoods: shouldering more than their share of the public interest burden?", paper for Workshop Indignation, Socio-Economic Inequality and the Role of Law, Onati Institute for the Sociology of Law (May 2013) (invited paper).
  • "Expropriation for mega-projects: the example of the Windsor-Essex Parkway", lecture for University of Windsor Humanities Research Group (March 2013).
  • "Expropriation and the public interest in Canada", paper for Aix Law Club, Université Aix-Marseille (November 2012) (invited paper).
  • "Displacement, reconciliation and property restitution", paper for Conference on Displacement and Reconciliation, St. Paul University Centre for Conflict Studies (June 2011) (invited paper).
  • "Compensation for Residential Property Expropriation in Canada", paper for conference Private Property, Planning and the Public Interest, University of Windsor Faculty of Law (March 2010).
  • “International law challenges and the new displacement crisis in Georgia”, paper for conference The Georgia/Russia Conflict and Challenges to International Law, University of Reading School of Law (April 2009) (invited paper).
  • “Novel Approaches to Housing and Property Rights following Conflict-Induced Displacement”, paper for Roundtable in Honour of Professor Jane Matthews Glenn, McGill University Faculty of Law (December 2008) (invited paper).
  • “Humanitarian and human rights responses to the Georgia/Russia conflict”, paper given at seminar The Russia-Georgia Conflict and its Implications for East-West Relations, University of Toronto Centre for European, Russian, Eurasian Studies (October 2008) (invited paper).
  • “Managing Migration through Housing and Property Restitution: Canada’s role”, paper given at conference Refugees and the Insecure Nation, Canadian Association for the Study of Forced Migration/York University Centre for Refugee Studies (June 2008).
  • “Beyond Restitution: Property Rights in the Context of Durable Solutions”, for Refugee Studies Centre Public Seminar Series, Oxford University (Feb. 2007) (invited seminar).