Research & Projects

Below is a list of Professor Smyth's current major projects. Most previously published work is available in the University of Windsor's digital repository

1) Access Without Fear, Sanctuary City & Accessible Services Project

This project includes a manual for frontline service workers working with persons without status, and a forthcoming journal article in the International Journal of Migration and Border Studies. In short, the researchers interviewed frontline service workers about the barriers they experience when working with persons without status. While a fundamental change to immigration law and policy would be required to fully respond to the needs of persons without status, the researchers took a “harm reduction” approach, focusing on what agencies and policymakers might do to improve services without a restrictive legal paradigm. The researchers found strong support from frontline service workers for an AWF policy. 

2) Trauma-Informed Lawyering Project

This project, with Dr. Dusty Johnstone and Professor Jillian Rogin, includes a public education and research component. The researchers gathered pre- and post-program data was gathered from participants in a trauma-informed education project. This paper is forthcoming in the International Journal for Clinical Legal Education in 2021. 

3) Canadian Bar Association Experiential Learning Guide

The Canadian Bar Association (CBA) and its Access to Justice sub-committee collaborated with me to produce an Experiential Learning Guide for law students. The Guide can be found here and the Workbook here.

4) Clinical Legal Education Skills Project 

Please visit my Youtube channel for clinical legal education skills videos. These videos are available as open-source mini-courses on Blackboard's Open Education site