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Social Justice Fellowships

The Windsor Law Alumni Summer Social Justice Fellowship Program is intended to support students interested in obtaining exposure to social justice advocacy in either a domestic or an international context and to enhance the capacity of future social justice lawyers to work towards the protection of human rights and the pursuit of social justice goals.  The Program is designed to enable the Fellows to experience enriching professional and intellectual opportunities.  Successful candidates will be designated as "Windsor Law Alumni Social Justice Fellows".  In only five short years the Program has supported Fellows in the amount of $146,000.

"I left the village with bittersweet feelings, as I will miss my host family, especially the children, with whom I grew very close.  As for my work, I do believe that I had made progress on educating the community on HIV/AIDS.  If I made a difference in the life of one person in that village, I would be very content."  Linh Dang, Social Justice Fellow 2005

“My overall experience with the Social Justice Fellowship Program has been extremely positive." Daisy McCabe-Lokos, Social Justice Fellow 2009

"My Social Justice Fellowship showed me what it was like to work for a small non-governmental organization with really hard-working and dedicated people."  Morgan Koch, Social Justice Fellow 2009

"My most memorable part of law school was being awarded a Social Justice Fellowship for which I got to travel to Mumbai to work in the field of human rights law."  Reema Patel, Social Justice Fellow 2009

SJF Katelyn Scorer spent six weeks as the Summer Intern Coordinator at the Ruth Elllis Center in Highland Park, Michigan, a community facing economic and social challenges on the edge of the City of Detroit.