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Sujith Xavier, Associate Professor


Decolonizing Law: Indigenous, Third World and Settler Perspectives (Sujith Xavier, Beverley Jacobs, Valarie Waboose, Jeffery Hewitt, and Amar Bhatia, eds.) (Routledge Press, 2021)

Third World Approaches to International Law: On Praxis and the Intellectual (John Reynolds, Usha NatarajanAmar Bhatia & Sujith Xavier, eds.) (Routledge Press, THIRDWORLD Series, 2017) (Republication of 2016 TWQ Special Issue)

Journal Articles & Book Chapters (Peer Reviewed)

Biased Impartiality: A Survey of Post-RDS caselaw on Bias, Race and Indigeneity (2021) 99:2 Can Bar Rev 354

"False Western Universalism in Constitutionalism? The 1867 Canadian Constitution & the Legacies of the Residential Schools" in Richard Albert, Paul Daly & Vanessa MacDonnell (eds.), The Canadian Constitution in Transition (University of Toronto Press, 2019);

"Top Heavy: Beyond the Global North & the Justification for Global Administrative Law" (2017) 3-4 Indian Journal of International Law 337;

"Learning from Below: Theorising Global Governance through Ethnographies and Critical Reflections from the Global South" (2016) 33:3 Windsor YB Access Justice 229

"Dark Corners of the World: International Criminal Justice and the Global South" (Co-authored with John Reynolds) (2016) 14 (4) Journal of International Criminal Justice 959;

“Looking for ‘Justice’ in all the Wrong Places: Creating an International or Hybrid Criminal Tribunal for Sri Lanka?” in Amarnath Amarasingam & Daniel Bass eds., Post-War Sri Lanka: Problems and Prospects (Oxford University Press/Hurst, October 2016)

"Theorizing Global Governance Inside-Out: Response to Karl-Heinz Ladeur’s the Emergence of Global Administrative Law and Transnational Regulation" (2012) 3:2 Transnational Legal Theory 268;

"Sri Lankan Presidential Commission of Inquiry (2007): Did it amount to a fair hearing?" (2010) 10 Mexican Yearbook of International Law 497.

Journal Articles & Book Chapters

"Introduction: Expanding the Circle in Rethinking Decolonizing Law" (with Jeffery Hewitt) in Decolonizing Law: Indigenous, Third World and Settler Perspectives (edited with Beverley Jacobs, Valarie Waboose, Jeffery Hewitt, and Amar Bhatia (Routledge Press, 2021);

Placing TWAIL Scholarship and Praxis” (with Amar Bhatia, John Reynolds & Usha Natarajan) (2016) 33 (3) Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice 1;

"Introduction: TWAIL - on praxis and the intellectual" (with Usha Natarajan, John Reynolds & Amar Bhatia) (2016) 37 (11) Third World Quarterly 1946 (Selected for Republication as part of Routledge's THIRDWORLD Series);

"Third World Approaches to International Criminal Law" (with John Reynolds & Asad Kiyani) (2016) 14 (4) Journal of International Criminal Justice 916;

"Re-Igniting Critical Race in Canadian Legal Spaces: Introduction to the Special Symposium Issue of Contemporary Accounts of Racialization in Canada" (with Shanthi Senthe) (2014) 31:2 Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice 1.

“Health Care Rights in Canada: The Chaoulli Legacy” (co-authored with Colleen Flood) in Andre den Exter (ed.), International Health Law: Solidarity and Justice in Health Care (Maklu Uitgevers N.V, 2008).

Essays, Opinions & Reviews

"Truth, Freedom and Solidarity: A Reflection on Solidarity between Indigenous Peoples and Settler Refugees of Colour" (co-authored with Sylvia McAdam), 28 Magazine (forthcoming)

"Water Under the Bridge? The Ebbs and Flows of Decolonization"Völkerrechtsblog, 28.12.2020

"Loving, Working, and Living on Stolen Land: People of Colour, Settler Colonialism & White Supremacy” online, reconciliation blog:;

"(Re)Conceptualising Reconciliation: Transitional Justice in Sri Lanka" (05-07-2016) Groundviews;

Racial profiling is an epidemic in Canada (Windsor Star, January 26, 2015).

“Theorizing International Criminal Procedure Review Essay: Christoph Safferling’s International Criminal Procedure (Oxford University Press, 2012)" (2015) 2 Transnational Human Rights Review 134.

"Review of Paul Schiff  Berman, Global Legal Pluralism: A Jurisprudence of  Law Beyond  Borders" (OUP, 2012) (2013) European Journal of International Law 24, 981;

“At the outside-in, From the inside-out” (with Stu Marvel), 2010 OHLS CLPE Research Paper No. 43/2010;

Book Review - Victor Kattan’s From Coexistence to Conquest: International Law and the Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1891–1949