The UWindsor Logo

The University of Windsor logo

The logo uses a traditional shield with three chevrons (V-shaped pattern) as first established in the University's 1964 coat-of-arms. Within the chevrons are a fleur-de-lis, maple leaf, and lily with wings.

These three icons were also present on the University's first coat-of-arms:

  • The fleur-de-lis alludes to the historic origin of the seat of the University (Windsor was settled by the French in 1749 and has a considerable French-Canadian heritage);
  • The maple leaf is, of course, the national symbol of Canada;
  • The lily with wings was on the original Assumption University coat-of-arms and is a heraldry icon representing a religious tradition.

Departing from the traditional, the shield shape has been modernized with a rounded top and corners. This shape also echoes the shield used for Lancer athletic teams. The chevrons have been designed, in shape and placement, to create the letter "W" in the white space of the shield, an obvious nod to our name. The five blue fields contained within the shield can also be seen as representing the five founding colleges: Assumption, Essex, Canterbury, Holy Redeemer and Iona.

The University of Windsor “W” commands centre stage, and its strength is the foundation of our visual identity.

The bands of blue and gold—or the “bridge”—that is woven through the “W”, serve as a reminder of the Ambassador Bridge and our unique location on an international border. The bridge also represents the educational pathway of UWindsor students, and the relationships they forge with our faculty and staff, fellow students, and, after graduation, as alumni with their alma mater.

The shield uses the traditional blue and gold colours that have been associated with the University since its founding. They were previously associated with Assumption University and are the traditional colours of the Lancer athletic teams.

Blue symbolizes water, calling to attention the University’s location in a community bordered by waterways: the Detroit River and Lakes Erie and St. Clair. White is the color in Western culture most often associated with beginnings and the new, making it most appropriate for use in the visual symbol of an institution of learning, creativity and discovery.

The wordmark is set in DIN a clean, simple and modern font. The use of a sans-serif, modern font balances the traditional feel of the shield. The words "University" and "Windsor" are weighted equally with the idea that who we are is as important as where we are. The wordmark is dark grey, a more approachable option than black and a link to our current logo.

In summary, the logo balances the traditional and modern. It speaks to our shared history while looking ahead to our collective future. It draws on our traditions and expresses our immense pride.