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Mock Audition Workshop

Mock Audition dates:

The next round of Mock Auditions will take place on Saturday, November 2, 2019.


10:00am Open House begins
 1:00pm  Audition success
 2:00pm  SoCA Information Session
 3:00pm  Buidling Tours
 4:00pm  End of Day

Location:  The School of Creative Arts, Windsor Armouries, 37 University Avenue, East, Windsor, ON.

Registration Deadline: Monday October 28th

(Mock Auditions will be accomodated as best as possible past the registration deadline, however the School of Creative Arts cannot guarantee a time slot.)

Registration Fee: $25.00 CDN

Please indicate your current and most recent private instructors, and how many years you have studied with them.
Please identify which instrument with which you would like to audition
Please note that if you require an accompanist, you are required to send your music via email to the Monday prior to your mock audition.
Audition Workshop
Please select your preferred date for your audition from the options below.
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