Music Auditions

SoCA Music will be partaking in live auditions in 2025. We will also be accepting video auditions based on the guidelines posted below.  

The audition panel, made up of full-time faculty, will meet to review the submissions and then make decisions based on any videos submitted. 

If you have questions regarding the audition process, please reach out to us either via email at or by telephone at 519-253-3000; x2829.

Audition Dates for 2024/2025:

March 1, 2025, April 5, 2025 & April 26, 2025. 

Please be aware that the deadline for scholarship consideration is April 17, 2025. We will accept audition submissions after this date; however, we cannot guarantee scholarship availability.

If you would like to be guaranteed consideration for a scholarship, it is recommended that you audition, whether via video or in person, before the April 17 deadline.  

Register for a 2025 audition

Submitting your video audition

 To submit your video submission, please send us an email to We would ask that this email include all relevant documents for your video submission. 

Your video submission should be uploaded to either YouTube as an unlisted video, or to Vimeo, and then embedded as a link into a PDF or Word document.

When you upload your file, please name the file as follows:

FirstName-LastName-Instrument-Title of Piece.

Ex. Joseph-Haydn-Trumpet-HaydnTrumpetSonata

Please use this naming convention for all of your files.

Please be sure to include your video, as well as copies of your sheet music for the pieces which you will be performing.

The guidelines for your video submission can be found here:

  • The applicant’s face and hands must be visible while performing
  • The audition must be recorded and be unedited, however each selection can be recorded separately
  • If the repertoire performed requires accompanist, the video must be recorded with one
    • This can be a backing track if necessary
  • Video must be of high quality
    • Video should be at least 720p, 30fps,
    • Audio should be at least 44.1kHz sound, ideally at least 48kHz.

Please send an email to for additional information.  

Audition requirements by instrument

Mastery of Core Music Theory Concepts

While UWindsor does not require incoming music students pass a Music Theory Test, incoming and prospective students are highly encouraged to download and complete our online Music Theory Rudiments Diagnostic Test
Completion of these worksheets should take no longer than a half hour.  Once completed, download and check your work against the test key.

Please feel free to contact the School of Creative Arts at if you have any questions.