Dr Debbie Sheppard-LeMoine photo

Dr. Debbie Sheppard-LeMoine, PhD, RN
Dean and Professor

Research Focus:

  • International Family Nursing Practices
  • Social and Cultural Determinants of Health
  • Strengths Based Interventions
  • Vulnerable populations with a focus on families experiencing poverty
  • Public Health and Community Practices that Impact Families' Lives
  • Enhanced Home Visiting Practices
  • Collaborative Practices in Primary Health Care
  • Interprofessional Family Assessment Development facilitated by Clinical Simulation and Standardized Patients
  • Global Family Nursing Practices during CoVid
  • Experiences of Families of Long Term Care Residents during CoVid

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Room 336A Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x2259 (Joy Lesperance, Dean's Secretary)

Photo of Professor Judy Bornais

Prof. Judy Bornais, RN, BA, BScN, MSc, CDE
On leave as Associate Vice-President, External, commencing March 4, 2024
Academic Ancillary Staff III - Experiential Learning Specialist
Teaching Leadership Chair

Research Focus:

  • Diabetes care
  • Simulation in health care education, and
  • inter-professional health care

519.253.3000, x2269

Photo of Professor Natalie Bownes

Prof. Natalie Bownes, RN, BScN, MScN, PhD (student)
Academic Ancillary Staff II - Clinical Practice Learning Specialist: Years 1 & 3 Clinical

Research Focus:

  • Clinical Teaching in Nursing
  • Mentorship of Clinical Instructors
  • Nursing Education

Room 318 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x4383

Photo of Dr. Jamie Crawley

Dr. Jamie Crawley,  RN, BScN, BA (Psychology), BA (Sociology), MBA, PhD
Associate Professor

Research Focus:

  • Poverty and health disparities
  • Chronic illness
  • Teen sibling health

Room 319 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x4816

Photo of Dr. Edward Cruz

Dr. Edward Cruz, RN, CCNE, DMD, BScN, BN, MEdM, MScN, PhD
Associate Professor

Research Focus:

  • Nursing Education
  • Internationally Educated Nurses
  • Human Resources for Health
  • Immigrant Health
  • Interprofessional Education and Collaboration

Room 322 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x2263

Photo of Dr. Susan Dennison

Prof. Susan Dennison, RN, BScN, MScN, CCNE, CPPS
Academic Ancillary Staff III - Clinical Practice Learning Specialist
Clinical Lead for Level 2 and 4 BScN Undergraduate Program

Research Focus:

  • Patient Safety
  • Clinical Education
  • Peer Mentoring

Room 308 Toldo HEC
519.253-3000, x4390

Photo of Dr. Rachel Elliott

Prof. Rachel Elliott, RN, BScN, MScN, PhD (c)

Research Focus:

  • Trauma-informed care
  • Undergraduate nursing education
  • Simulation and Experiential Learning
  • Health Impacts of Trauma and Violence
  • Nursing Interventions

Room 328 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x2264

Photo of Dr. Susan Fox

Dr. Susan Fox, RN, BN, MScN, PhD
Associate Dean and Associate Professor

Research Focus:

  • Healthcare associated infections and infectious diseases
  • Cardiovascular health

Room 300 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x2284

Photo of Dr. Laurie Freeman

Dr. Laurie Freeman, RN, BScN, MSN, PhD
Associate Professor  

Research Focus:

  • Pre-Diabetes and Continuous Glucose Monitoring
  • Nursing Satisfaction
  • Simulation in Nursing
  • Technology and teaching
  • Cancer (survivorship issues and decision making)

Room 302 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x2278

Photo of Professor Natalie Giannotti

Dr. Natalie Giannotti, RN, BHK, MN, PhD
Assistant Professor

Research Focus:

  • Gestational diabetes 
  • Diabetes prevention
  • Health promotion

Room 316 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x4988

Photo of Dr. Sebastian Gyamfi

Dr. Sebastian Gyamfi, RMN, BSc, MPhil, PhD
Assistant Professor

Research Focus:

  • Stigma and Mental Illness
  • Mental Health Equity
  • Structural Violence
  • Influences of Religiocultural Beliefs
  • Stigma Perception Appraisal
  • Mental Health Promotion
  • Housing and Homelessness
  • Vulnerable populations

Room 313 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x6117

Photo of Dr. Debbie Kane

Dr. Debbie Kane, RN, BScN, MScN, PhD
Acting Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies

Research Focus:

  • Women's health
  • Workplace wellness
  • Public health

Room 302 Chrysler Hall Tower
519.253.3000, x2107

Photo of Professor Kelly Kennedy

Dr. Kelly Kennedy, RN, BScN, MScN, PhD
Assistant Professor

Research Focus:

  • Pediatric Health
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Women's Health

Room 310 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x2283

Photo of Professor Amanda McEwen

Prof. Amanda McEwen, RN, BSc (Honours Bio.), BScN, MScN, CCSNE
Academic Ancillary Staff - Experiential Learning Specialist

Research Focus:

  • Simulation in nursing education
  • Hand hygiene adherence and healthcare associated infections
  • Effect moderation/interaction effects (research methodology)

Room 3126 Medical Education Building
519.253.3000, x2248

Photo of Dr. Noeman Mirza

Dr. Noeman Mirza, RN, BScN, PhD
Associate Professor

Research Focus:

  • Nursing Education
  • Complex reasoning
  • Gerontology
  • Care transitions
  • Rural aging

Room 326 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x2275

Photo of Dr. Sherry Morrell

Dr. Sherry Morrell, RN(EC), BScN, Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate, MN, MCISc (Wound Healing), PhD
Assistant Professor and PHCNP Graduate Coordinator

Research Focus:

  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Nursing Education
  • Wound care

Room 306 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x4389

Photo of Dr. Linda Patrick

Dr. Linda Patrick, RN, PhD, Dean of Nursing, 2010 to 2020
On leave
Associate Professor

Research Focus: 

  • Mentorship and retention of new faculty
  • Curriculum design and evaluation
  • Internationally Educated Nurses   

Room 3122, Medical Education Building
519.253.3000, x4372

Photo of Dr. Kathryn Pfaff

Dr. Kathy Pfaff, RN, BScN, MSc, PhD
Associate Dean, Graduate Programs

Research Focus:

  • Interprofessional Collaboration
  • New Graduate Nurse Transition
  • Rural Community Health Care
  • Health care systems
  • Palliative care

Room 301 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x4977

Photo of Dr. Gina Pittman

Dr. Gina Pittman, BScN, MN-NP, PhD
Assistant Professor and NP Clinical Placement Coordinator

Research Focus:

  • NP prescribing
  • NP practice

Room 314 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x4812

Photo of Dr. Jody Ralph

Dr. Jody Ralph, RN, BSc, BScN, MSc, PhD
Associate Professor
Great Lakes Biennial Nursing Conference (GLBNC) Chair

Research Focus:

  • Cancer research
  • Gene-environment interactions
  • Nursing education
  • Disease pathophysiology
  • Altered nutrition

Room 304 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x2271

Photo of Dr. Padma Ravi

Professor Padma Ravi, RN, BSc (M.B.F), BScN, MN, CPPS, PhD(student)

Research Focus:

  • Interprofessional Collaborative Practices
  • Self-Management of Chronic Health Challenges
  • Health Outcomes (Patient Safety, Quality Improvement)

Room 312 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x2266

Photo of Dr. Debbie Rickeard

Dr. Debbie Rickeard, RN, BScN, BA, MScN, DNP, CCRN, CNE
Academic Ancillary Staff - Experiential Learning Specialist

Research Focus:

  • Preceptor education
  • Health literacy

Room 3124 Medical Education Building
519.253.3000, x4993

Photo of Dr. Jane Simanovski-Peakovic 

Dr. Jane Simanovski, RN (EC), NP-C, BScN, MScN, PhD
Assistant Professor

Research Focus:

  • Lung transplantation
  • Sleep quality
  • Health related quality of life
  • Patient related outcome measures
  • Nurse Practitioners

Room 315 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000, x6121

Photo of Professor Heather Sweatt

Professor Heather Sweet, RN, BScN, MN, CCCI, CCNE, PhD(student)

Research Focus:

  • Social Determinants of healh
  • Health Equity
  • Nursing Education

Room 330 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000 x2257

Photo of Dr. Eric Tanlaka

Dr. Eric Tanlaka, RN, BScN, MScN, PhD
Assistant Professor

Research Focus:

  • Neuroscience nursing
  • Stroke rehabilitation care
  • Philosophy in nursing research
  • Theories in nursing research

 Room 320 Toldo HEC
 519.253.3000, x3770

Photo of Dr. Joanne Tay

Dr. Joanne Tay, RN, MPH, PhD
Assistant Professor

Research Focus:

  • Child and Adolescent Health
  • Complex Care (Pediatrics)
  • Pediatric Palliative Care
  • Quantitative Research Methodology

Room 317 Toldo HEC
519.253.3000 x6118